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A Published Chapter From The Book “Drugs 2.0” On Gwern

And i quote:

This is an annotated transcript of the chapter “Your Crack’s in the Post” (pg219-244) & an excerpt from the chapter “Prohibition in the Digital Age” (pg262), of Drugs 2.0: The Web Revolution That’s Changing How the World Gets High, Mike Power (2 May 2013); it is principally on the topic of Bitcoin, Tor, and Silk Road.

Well you can say that again,  the information there is outdated for sure as it was written a while back – way before the unexpected shutdown, and most of the info is well known to any long term traveler, but it still is a nice nostalgia and a good read.

Read the whole chapter here:



  1. drugs is compare to a HIV.he kills a man with inc by inch

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