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Energy Control: Drug Testing Service For DeepWeb Users

We Are happy to introduce a new service, introduced to us and endorsed by DoctorX (Dr. Fernando Caudevilla, a Spanish Physician who has been offering professional advice about Drugs and Health during the last year in Silk Road1 / Silk Road2 & The Hub Forums) Offering International drug testing services in spain directed at DeepWeb users and accepting BTC payments,

This is the information he sent us to publish about this service:

Energy Control (www.energycontrol.org) established in Barcelona in 1997 as a pioneer project in Spain in the area of reducing the risks associated with recreational drug use, having since received recognition from numerous government administrations (European, state, community and local).

We offer a Drug Checking Service in order to inform the users about the composition of the drugs and thus advise on lower risk consumption.



We also offer customized, non-moralistic and scientific drug information directed to drug users. The Drug Checking Service has operated in Spain since 1999 and now will also be offered internationally. We believe that Online Deep Web Drug Markets are an emerging trend and we want to spread our preventive work there, from a risk reduction perspective.

Energy Control provides an analysis service with the two most powerful analytical techniques available to analyze drug samples: Gas Chromatography coupled to Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS and Liquid Chromatography coupled to Mass Spectrometer (LC-MS)

The service includes detection and quantification (%). We can test samples of:

  • Cocaine and its usual adulterants: levamisole, phenacetine, acetaminophen, caffeine, procaine, tetracaine, lidocaine and benzocaine
  • Heroin, codeine and morphine
  • Amphetamine, methamphetamine and 4-metylamphetamine
  • MDMA, MDA, MDEA and adulterants: dextromethorphan, m-CPP, metoclorpramide, PMA and PMMA.
  • LSD
  • DMT, NMT, harmine, harmaline, THH and gramine.
  • 2C-B
  • Methylone, butylone and mephedrone.
  • Cannabinoids (only THC y CBD)

Consult for analysis of other substances not listed above.

The standard price for analysis and quantification is 50 EUR. We only accept Bitcoin as payment method. Estimated time for giving results is 7-10 days after receiving the sample in Spain. In case we do not receive your sample (lost, seized in customs…) we would send your money back.

All profits of this service are set aside for maintenance of this project

Anonymity and confidentiality are guaranteed during all the process. We do not share any information with anyone except users and e-mails are destroyed after finishing the process.

This project counts on the help of DoctorX (Dr. Fernando Caudevilla), an active member in some Deep Web forums, where he has been offering information and customized advice about drugs and risk reduction during last year.

You can find more information here:


Energy Control:
Drug Testing Results Page:
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Drugs testing Process:
Drugs testing Process:
Drugs testing Process:


  1. If this site is going international shouldn’t there be an option on the page to convert to other languages like english for example…or are we supposed to copy/paste entire pages into google translate to views the site? I’ve scoured this site looking for an English translation button to no avail. Does international=international Spanish speakers only?

    I’d donate a 0.1btc to get have the option to read the site in multiple languages.

  2. I used “energycontrol” services 2 weeks ago, and they asked me to put up a review, which I see no problem with, because the service was very professional. Since i consider myself a stranger to chemistry, it is hard to write a constructive review. What I can tell however, is that the analysis they did was professional and fast (7 days). I received written email about results and also a PDF file that included the tests that were performed and results ( a lot of technical data I did not comprehend, but someone familiar with chemistry can) Another good thing – our email conversations. Since as I already mentioned I am not familiar with chemistry, I had a lot of questions, and all of them were answered. They also reply to emails fast, usually the same day. All in all, it is a great service, I cant really think of any cons, only that they are on partial holiday on July and the results could come slower. For me, however, the tests were completed fast – in the previously mentioned 7 days.

  3. A. Happy. Customer

    I have used EnergyControl to test my stuff and can provide a vouch for them as a fully legit testing service. Were quick to respond to my questions and kept me informed at every major part of the process. The tests were very detailed and complete. I fully recommend them to anyone wondering about their product.

  4. We have used EnergyControl’s testing service in Spain, and are happy to provide a full endorsement of their services. The testing procedure was very thorough. A detailed pdf was provided us at the conclusion of their tests explaining the purity of the sample. They had excellent communication with us and responded to any question put to them. We fully recommend them without hesitation to anyone thinking of using their services.

    Bad cuts going into drugs take many lives each year. Spending a small amount of money, and having a little paitence for the result may save your life. Home test kits can only provide information to a certain point, sometimes the reagents used will give results that arent accurate enough. EnergyControl will provide a full, accurate, detailed spectra of information about your sample. For the price that Energy Control charge, and the service they provide, it goes well beyond value of their fee as you cannot price a human life.

    We can give a firm recommendation for Energy Control for their professionalism, thoroughness of testing, and handling of our questions. Anybody thinking of using their service should contact them immediately.

  5. how do you get this done?
    where to send, how to pay, ho much to send!
    i really want my coke tested. and i dont speak or read spanish .

  6. How can I get cannibas oil tested before it used for cancer treatment

  7. Have you had any gel tabs tested since 2015 till now. Everyone says its lsd but have u had any. Gel tabs”lsd”. Any info greatly appt. Siscerelly rich.

  8. Hey,

    I have now few times used their services. One thing has put me to a slightly negative mood about them.

    If you parcel doesn’t reach the destination. They won’t pay the money back! They simple ignore the emails. Once I was able to use the unreturned money for another tests but for general they won’t pay it back.

  9. This service isn’t real – its a total scam. I tested them against another lab, all they do is send you a number in your email and a fake report. They told me my pure sample was 84%

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