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Warning: Bath Salt Sold As Amphetamine Sulfate

Info and test were provided by the buyer:

The vendor is “NPH” on Agora marketplace has been caught, reported and proven to be passing off about 75% pure MDPV as “USP Grade Amphetamine Sulphate”.  Image results of a regent test using the substance are at the bottom of this post.
As one user reported:

Being naive (I’ve been scammed, sure, but never given a product I didn’t order) received the bleach white powder and without thinking twice loaded 60mg’s into a Syringe and shot it up clean and perfect like I always do.  60mg’s of pure Amphetamine Sulphate, USP grade would not even come close to being an uncomfortable dose for someone who had an amphetamine tolerance as significant as mine.

I had just shot 60 MILLIGRAMS OF MDPV (bath salts).  I freaked.  60mg’s of MDPV is easily a toxic overdose – it is mentioned online that “If someone were to consume 100mg’s of MDPV in a 12 hour period they could easily die

The enraged buyer disclosed an interesting dialogue between the buyer and seller to us.  Upon discovery of what the substance was, the buyer messaged the seller:

This is MDPV. What the fuck man? You could seriously KILL someone. I just tested it with my kit.  Absolutely terrible karma is coming your way. You could have killed 3 people who never updated their feedback. People like you make me sick.

You have been reported to Agora.

The vendor replied stating he had dumped his batch, which was false, as he created listings for “amphetamine phosphate” and began selling grams of that product to hide the nasty feedback on his other listing.

This should be taken as a powerful lesson to both buyers and vendors of anonymous marketplaces:  You don’t know the person you bought the product from, or that you are selling to, so do not trust them!  Kits are available from Dancesafe.org for minimal expense, and when it comes to chemical substances you are putting into your body you are either completely broke or a fool not to test it for impurities.

Despite the fact that the buyer claims to of reported NPH to Agora over a week ago, his profile remains active on the website and people appear to be placing orders.   We take serious measures to avoid mentioning specific vendors without good reason and without them first having a chance to make things right.  This vendor had his chance, when the buyer offered to change his feedback to 4/5 if NPH warned users on his profile of his “bad last batch”.

NPH has been on “Vacation Mode” since this story was first reported, probably selling under a different alias.  Buyers beware and make sure to test your products.

Image results of substance, clearly MDPV:






  1. Please add this article asap:

    The vendor “Gargamella” (Agora/Evolution) has sold
    Methylone/PMMA Pills. His account has been locked and over 10.000 $ have been refunded to the users.

    I found this in the forums and everyone should know about this! DO NOT BUY OR INGEST THESE PILLS! THESE ARE DANGEROUS!

    Red/Blue Hearts sold as 130mg MDMA

    Hello people,

    please don´t buy these pills and flush them down the toilet. As some users already suspected,
    ~ 74mg Methylone (bk-MDMA) have been detected as well as 16mg Paramethoxymethamphetamine (4-MMA)*

    * wikipedia:
    Little is known about the pharmacological properties, metabolism, and toxicity of PMMA; because of its structural similarity to PMA, which has known toxicity in humans, it is thought to have considerable potential to cause harmful side effects or death in overdose.[1] In the early 2010s, a number of deaths in users of the drug ecstasy were linked to misrepresented tablets and capsules of PMMA

    Please DO NOT not try to sell them to other people, if you are a responsible person.

    If you like Methylone, there are some vendors who sell methylone.

    See the full result in detail:
    (TOR LINK)



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    High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) | GC-MS

  2. A user named PharmChemLab has posted a result from an independant lab, also users tested it with EZ/Marquise tests and all resulted in Methylone. one user went to hospital.

  3. hopefully not. but you could do the community a favor and post this on your startpage. there are many users out there with no connection to TOR and those marketplaces.

    GARGAMELLA had many other listings. All suspected
    containing Methylone/PMMA.

    “Green Mario Brothers”
    “Black Flag”

    and many others i can´t remember.

    Read the whole article. People should be informed about this outside of the Tor network

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