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Silk Road Vendor “Digitalink” Sentenced To 6 Years In Prison

The Full background story at: Antilop.cc

Was published at the Baltimore sun:

A federal judge imposed a six-year sentence on Jacob Theodore George IV, an Edgewood man troubled by a history of arrests, drug abuse and mental health problems who took to selling heroin on the online drug bazaar Silk Road.

George, 33, apologized to the judge for what he had done and described how he cried as he gave federal agents a confession when they caught him. “I made a bad decision helping with Silk Road,” George said, reading from prepared notes to help with his nerves.

George was one of the first dealers on the site to be arrested and was taken into custody in early 2012. Silk Road used anonymizing software to make it hard for investigators to track down individual users and to make payments secretly using Bitcoin, an electronic currency.

On the site, George sold heroin from Baltimore and important quantities of the synthetic drug methylone under the alias Digitalink.

His arrest helped agents with Homeland Security Investigations, a law enforcement arm of the Department of Homeland Security, build a case against the alleged mastermind behind the site, Ross William Ulbricht.

After the homeland security agents teamed up with the FBI and DEA, Ulbricht — also alleged to have used the name Dread Pirate Roberts — was arrested in San Francisco last October. He is currently awaiting trial on drug charges in New York and was also indicted in Maryland over an unsuccessful murder-for-hire plot against one of his team.

As agents worked to build their case and take down Silk Road, George stewed at the Chesapeake Detention Facility, a high security federal lock up in downtown Baltimore. He ultimately spent two and half years there, time that will be knocked off his sentence.

George’s attorney, Paul D. Hazlehurst, said his client suffered a severe beating while held there — an incident that started after George wouldn’t let another inmate use a jail phone.

But George also described putting his computer skills to use, building an online system for inmates to access information about their incarceration. “I have so much potential,” he told the judge.

The Silk Road case revealed the extent to which drug traffickers have taken their trade online and Hazelhurst and prosecutor Justin Shibayama Herring dueled over whether that made George’s crime more serious or less so.

Herring said that Silk Road allowed people who might be too timid to buy drugs from a street dealer to get hooked on dangerous narcotics, and because many of the drugs sold through the site came from traditional suppliers it did not cut down on violence.

“There needs to be a serious sentence here,” Herring said.

But Hazlehurst asked the judge to consider the view of people in East and West Baltimore who confront drug-related violence every day would think taking the trade online was a bad thing.

In crafting her sentence, Judge Catherine C. Blake said she thought online drug dealing did still carry risks of violence and harmed drug users. But she accepted that George had taken responsibility for his actions and the prison term she imposed was shorter than what federal sentencing guidelines suggested.

Article source: http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2014-09-05/news/bs-md-silk-road-sentencing-20140905_1_dread-pirate-roberts-ross-william-ulbricht-jacob-theodore-george-iv


  1. You RAT
    How much info did you give up? Oh wait I guess we will just have to wait till November. Any federal judge who gives under the minimum guide lines is because the guilty is/was an informant.

    I hear the cheese is real tasty in Federal lock down.

    • “Any federal judge who gives under the minimum guide lines is because the guilty is/was an informant.”

      You’re an idiot and you have no idea what you’re talking about. First of all, they were not under the “minimum” guide lines as this would be illegal for the judge to do since the minimum is what they’re legally required to administer.

      Second of all, judges routinely give less than what sentencing guidelines call for, particularly in drug cases and especially so when mental health issues are involved, because many of them realize just how futile the system’s attempts to eliminate the drug problem really are.

  2. 6yrs? That’s not bad at all. I would have been tickled to hear that sentence. People get longer sentences than that for IRL drug dealing.

    Couldn’t help but laugh at “how he cried as he confessed to agents.” He ain’t bout that life.

    • That punk will be doing lots of crying when he is bent over or gagging on BBC.
      You punk your new life will be washing dirty laundry and being a bitch.
      Man up pussy

    • It depends on the judge, I live in Europe in acountry where the drugs repression hard. and I had problems with the cops, for the consumption of heroin. Normally, you just take a small fine like 350 € fine and suspended prison (1-3 months).
      But once, a fucking judge and prosecutor put me 4 months of Prison-Fine (You pay or you go to jail) for 5g of fucking shitty heroin like 5% purity (maybe less pure it ‘ was really shit).
      I think they did this because I was working 500 km from the courthouse, I was working at night so I finished my work at 6 o’clock in the morning,
      I took the train to the city where the court was,(4h with 2 train change so i cant sleep ) so I was really tired + I took a 0.5mg Xanax and so they thought I was full of heroin, nodding, no matter the tribunal.
      I tried to explain the real situation but they did not care. The prosecutor cut me off and asked for 4 months in prison and the judge turned this into a Prison-fine. 37.5 € per day so about 4500 € just for 5g of heroin ~ 5% (well, rather ~ 250mg of heroin,)

      But I have never seen that and when I talk about it people do not want to believe me. I have to show them the court paper.
      Ok I was nodding, I was multi-recidivist, I was in prison a year before for drug dealing took 4 month. (but the arrest for this case was well before the prison, it was back 5 years, you know “justice” is very fast in my country ^^)
      But I had my contract of employment I had given them all the evidence ,a note by my doctor for my substitution treatment (Methadone and Xanax), etc …
      They just wanted to fuck me hard and deep.
      In addition to a case that was 5 years old, my asshole was wide open for 4 months, I worked 9 hours a day / 5.5 days per weeks. To give them half of my salary.

      So it really depends on the judge and the court, in a small town they find you with 50g, They take you for a wholesaler ;
      and the same case tried in a big city, they do not have anything to do with you. they are looking for hundreds of pounds.

  3. America Land of Oppression

    Any arrest of people conducting consensual transactions is an affront to freedom and sign of fascism. Americans, we think we are free, no. No we are not.

    This kid should have kept his bitch mouth SHUT. His confession sealed his fate. Say nothing to the fucking pigs. All you should be saying is “I want my lawyer”. Hell if they aren’t detaining you it should be “am I being detained?” and say nothing else until they answer. If they say no, shut the door on their face.

    • I couldn’t agree more that America is not a free land. People should be able to conduct consensual transactions. I also believe a rat is a fucking rat.

      However, it is easy for you and tough guy to say all the kid needed to do was keep his mouth shut. That he will now be somebodies bitch because he didn’t.
      How do we know he didn’t follow proper protocol in the face of police interrogation ? Do you really think it is as easy as ” shutting the door on their face ” ? You nailed it when you mentioned fascism. Fascists don’t politely allow you to shut the door, then just shrug it off and leave you alone. No, keyboard warrior anarchists, it doesn’t work that way. 9.5 out of 10 of you tough guys would turn into squealing babies if your attorney told you it’s either spend 12 yrs sleeping with ” BBC ” or make a plea deal .

      • BFlossin

        Wireless surveilance A/V cameras (even the tiny hidden ones) are sooo cheap these days, as is mass storage media. Every drug dealer should have at least one at every entrance point to their home, both visible and hidden. If he did follow proper interrogation and LE entered his home unlawfully, any evidence obtained therein would not be admissable in court, if he had proof.

  4. You make an interesting point BFLOSSIN because cops do indeed enter homes and cars illegally all the time. All they have to do is lie by saying either they saw something or they were given consent. Who is the judge going to believe – the cops or the guy with drugs ?

    Better make sure its the tiny, hidden variety because with a visible security cam you might as well hang a sign on your door that says Drug Dealer.

  5. Digitalink is one of the dumbest fucking criminal sin the world. Click the link below for a screencap of him posting on Silk Road, and some of the reasons he was caught.


  6. that fool is now an informant and gave up ALOT of information. the creator ROSS got LIFE IN PRISON. w/o parole. this dope dealer got 6years? iv been to jail in la county, and trust me thats not possible. he snitched and i guarantee the government will now be able to track and capture people easier than before.

  7. First thought if your selling online you don’t know who your dealing with.Could you be selling to a 8 year old or a cop.
    In 2010
    I to was refered to Silk Road and after reading one of the text by DPR and redandwhite I said this is being targeted hard and fast.The blatant talk of a hit and to many details was very obvious to me .So I closed web site immediately ,trashed the laptop,told my wife we were investing heavy in bitcoin and blazed some mango kush .

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