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Warning: Evolution Market Withdrawal Issues

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For the past 24 we had several report about Withdrawal issues on Evolution marketplace with BTC not being sent at all arriving after 18  – 24 hours. The only update from evolution admins was posted yesterday by Kimble, saying:

“I’m very sorry about the delays. There’s currently a backlog on withdrawals as we are working on processing the large amounts and the quantity thereof. Please be patient, all withdrawals will be processed within the next 24 hours. Apologies for the inconvenience.”

kimbleIts advised to not deposit any funds into the market until these issues are confirmed as fixed.

Relevant threads on Evo forums:










  1. Evolution appears to be down completely, am I the only one noticing it??

  2. I was to have 1.16 btc go to my wallet, guess what it never happend. I now want to yak my deposit and the remaining .267 btc.

  3. Can anybody tell me where i can find Fresh from Evolution ?? Please i had a order on Evo, FUck Whyyyyy!!!!

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