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PSA: Implemented HTTPS, TLS & HSTS

Better late than never, but we are happy to announce that DeepDotWeb.com is now fully encrypted.

From now on, all site requests will be handled trough HTTPS and using TLS & HSTS to prevent any attempt for altering site content using MiTM attacks (common with malicious Tor exit nodes)

Reminder – For better security please access the site using our new Onion url: http://rtz6kznga4anujwu.onion.top

Please let us know if you find any technical issue that requires attention.


  1. I like to see HTTPS with HSTS implemented here. Good job!
    You might also want to server all JS scripts here also via HTTPS: ‘http://www.reddit.com/static/button/button2.js’ which posses a security risk. Chrome is good for testing this as it is very strict and throw you a bunch of verbose errors. This might be an easy one to fix. I appreciate how much effort you put into this so keep it up!

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