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QuantikXanax Releases Intel from DrXanax Bust

Update 26.10.15: Quantik just shared with us additional evidence:

Here is an audio file. it is the audio recording of the micro of my spy in drxanax team court room. I have over 4 hours, but for convenience i have only included Part 2 of 4, because it is where LE explains how they busted them in roughly 30-40 minutes

its in french. The file can be found here

QuantikXanax has recently disclosed new information regarding the arrests of the DrXanax team. In the Reddit post, Quantik says he sent a spy into the courtroom, and informed the public that the team was released the morning of October 16th under strict conditions.

“Not use a computer, not have a cellphone, curfew from 20h to 7h, not be in a bar/restaurant, no interaction or communication with each other, report to the police station once a week.”

Quantik claims that the Dr.Xanax team was using a real supplement shops return address. This supplement shop in question opened the packages and called local law enforcement.

“With the tracking, they got a video of the guy who posted it.”

Afterwards, a call was sent out to all Canada Posts to aid identification. When a worker recognized him, he called over another employee to check the car ID.

Law Enforcement than seized all the packages over the next 9 days, followed him, bugged his car, and “found the remaining infrastructure.”

“The warrants were granted quick because the cops knew they would change their operation if they noticed the packages was being held.”

According to the Reddit post, Law Enforcement watched Georges use 17 different post offices in all.

“Some packages were being shipped from Ontario to speed up the delivery to USA.”

During the bail hearing, Quantik says that police mentioned that the analysis of the computer found in the dispatch room had logs for “hundreds and hundreds” of orders, raising security issues for those who have placed orders with him.

“Fadi lived with his brother Georges and was in charge of moving the bulk pills from the lab to the stash. It is alleged he helped moving cellulose and excipients to the lab as well.”

“Simon and Christian made the pills. They busted 30k in cash in Christian’s Porsche.”

“Arden was seen talking to everyone, visited all places and stayed at the lab with Christian an entire 24 hours around the 3rd of October.”

Quantik says that he has not heard any mention of Dark Net Markets or Bitcoin.

“Arden was slapped with 1 charge (Production), Fadi 3 (Possession/Production), Christian and Simon 4 (Possession/Production), Georges 26 (Possession, Trafficking, Exportation) but it has since climbed to 30 because the investigation continues.”

Quantik says “we had our lawyers contact their colleagues for more intel.”

Some have claimed that this intel could potentially just be marketing material for QuantikXanax, and some even question his possible involvement in the arrests made. However, current information does appear to be consistent with other reports detailing the bust.

As for the vendor QuantikXanax, he has yet to reopen shop after this bust, leading many to question his future role in the Dark Net Xanax scene. Other vendors have begun to spring up, attempting to fill the position of bulk Xanax distribution, yet Quantik appears to be very hopeful and optimistic for the future, saying in a Reddit comment “I bet I will still be there in 1 year. :)”


  1. Does no one use Linux based, heavily encrypted software?? how the fuck did they get into the computer? If he was home when they raided, he should have shutdown and refused to hand over passwords. If they raided while he was dropping packages, why they fuck would you leave it up and running.

    The tools are there people, never sacrifice safety and contingency plans for convenience. If it’s convenient for you, it’s convenient for LE

    • Anonymous Coward

      Linux is not panacea. If you are a big enough fish, a spook will sneak in your home and hide under your bed to snatch your passwords from you.

      People say to use Tails, but what about kernel updates and privilege escalation? You can updated everything during your live session, but not the kernel which they change only every major system update.

      While you use your legit connection, no matter how many Tors, VPNs and other gizmos you use, it can always ultimately be traced to you.

      The best first line of defense is a borrowed wifi from a place you seldom connect. Go anywhere online and ask about borrowed wifi, you gonna get lots of hate. The haters are the spooks, because that puts a physical barrier for them to catch you. That’s another reason hacking wifi is criminalized already in most of the world.

      Now Oracle, Microsoft et caterva wants to criminalize the research of zero days. Zero days give their business a bad rap, so they prefer you to not know of hard-to-fix bugs in their systems.

      Guess what? That law will also apply to Linux. Spooks can’t wait for the day security research is criminalized and only they can carry it out inside their organizations, while we all remain in the dark.

  2. First off, this outfit was composed of fucking imbeciles, excluding even the breathtaking stupidity of driving around in a porsche with 30k in cash on you when you are already most likely under at least some degree of surveillance just by being the son(s) of a notorious corrupt police official…

    NEVER use a real return address that you don’t control, eventually packages WILL be returned and opened, count on it. Had they employed a fake return address, it is plauisble they would still be operating regardless of their obvious poor opsec on several other fronts…

    Second and perhaps more important, cryptography, no matter how robust of an algorithim and entropy source employed, is ONLY as secure as the passphrase protecting the key AND the ability/motivation of the enduser to keep that passphrase secure under duress…

    The obligatory classic xkcd comic on this topic – https://xkcd.com/538/

  3. If I was quantik I would get those guys killed.

    Fuckers. Now all customer adresses have been handed to the DEA.

  4. How many time is possible in Canada keep video recording data?
    I think is strange a big amount of time. Where is your privacy?

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