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PSA: The DNMAvengers Harm Reduction and Drug Testing Forum

Provided by the forum admins: For those of you who don’t know it, The DNMAvengers started as a subreddit but moved over to an .onion.market forum recently. We are a forum dedicated to harm reduction and testing of drugs ordered on the Dark Net Markets. We run on community donations and aim to democratize drug testing by allowing users to send their drugs off to a lab and then paying them back once they submit verified results.

The DNM Avengers, first and foremost, is about harm reduction. Far too often you hear about someone selling dangerous or largely untested chemicals as something mainstream. We also offer peace of mind when it comes to dosing things which are active in extremely small amounts like LSD. Imagine you didn’t have the ability to test your LSD and the vendor was advertising it as 100ug (the standard dose) but it was actually 60ug, you would feel like you got ripped off. On the other end of the spectrum, imagine the vendor had a hot spot and you actually took 200ug expecting
100ug. The resource that DNM users have always had for harm reduction are reviews of vendors.

Now we have the ability to use certified labs with advanced scientific equipment to verify what a vendor says, and that is as high on the harm reduction scale as one can get. We have how-to guides for sending test results to labs, major thanks to KamajiTheBoiler. What we offer in addition to that is reimbursing any user, in full, that sends in a substance for testing. We have had over of 18 BTC donated to help reimburse users that send in samples. This is our greatest asset because the fee to get a sample tested is around $85 USD. We have a fun, unbiased and helpful community with active moderators. Even if you don’t have a sample to submit right now, we still want you to join and help us grow!

The DNMAvengers forum is available at this url: http://avengerfxkkmt2a6.onion.market/

If you would like to help us out, we have a BTC community wallet for donations: 12wWGGS74QpKdigWY4GWVxPivJ8pKNEgU2


  1. Why didn’t these guys partner with the ECTF folks when they offered to work together on testing?

    I am sure that the folks at ECTF would still welcome the opportunity to combine their efforts.

  2. This is an excellent idea. There should be a formal means of quality control as opposed to reading your average dip shits feedback ( half of which says FE will update ).

    If the War On Drugs dedicated a fraction of 1 percent of it’s funding to harm reduction programs like this, then it would actually accomplish something humanitarian. Instead it persists on burning up money while only succeeding in perpetuating violence and incarceration.

  3. Need a recomindation

  4. Listen I’m trying to get into the carding game its been awhile since I’ve done this things have changed can u give me quick tips on this

  5. How can I get a recommendation

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