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Liverpool Man Who Bought Enough Ricin To Kill 1,400 People Fails Appeal

Mohammed Ammer Ali (32), a dad of two from Old Swan, Liverpool, failed his criminal appeal, he couldn’t convince the top judges about the unfairness of his trial. Ali tried to buy 500 milligrams of ricin back in February 2015, a deadly toxin that was enough to kill about 1,400 people. He tried to buy the deadly substance from a dark net marketplace, however, the vendor was an undercover FBI agent. The seller sent the package and alerted law enforcement authorities in the UK, which led to a controlled delivery and the arrest of Ali in February 2015.

Ali was jailed for eight years at the Old Bailey started from last September after he was convicted of attempting to possess chemical weapons. However, the man’s case reached the Appeal Court as he challenged both his conviction and the length of his sentence.

Joel Bennathan, from Ali’s defense, challenged the fairness of his trial, focusing on a “safety interview” conducted in a van outside Ali’s home immediately after his arrest. What they did not like about the interview that it was carried out without the presence of a lawyer. Law enforcement authorities state that they did this since they needed to double-check if Ali had other plots than the ricin. However, Bennathan says the evidence from the interview should have been excluded from Ali’s trial.

In his defense, Ali said that he only bought the ricin to experiment with it, he did not mean to harm anyone. According to Ali, he was involved in nothing more dangerous that innocent research fired by curiosity. Prosecutors accepted the fact that there was no specific target involved and that Ali had no known terrorist links, however, they pointed out that the amount of ricin on the order had the capacity to kill up to 1,400 people.

In addition to that, psychiatric evidence suggested that Ali had clear traits of autism. However, Lord Justice Treacy rejected the claims about the trial being unfair and refused the permission to appeal against conviction. His ruling goes by:

“We are wholly unpersuaded that the judge was wrong in concluding that the evidence could be admitted without causing unfairness. This ground is not arguable. We are not persuaded that the sentence passed was excessive.”


  1. GiveThisManAFuckingBreak

    Dirt also has the capacity to kill up to 1,400 people when injected directly into the bloodstream.

  2. Really why would you buy this? Research wise it’s not like a new RC where you can test it yourself or something. This guy had no reason to have it, was stupid to even buy it in the first place tbh. Could he not be content with an endless supply of drugs?

    I truly believe he had a reason to have it he was just lucky not to leave a paper trail of whom he was planning to kill. Not like this stuff was going to be cheap too

    • ketPirate

      yea i think he had or would of had some reason in the future to use it….maby to kill his wife…i dunno. but like u said why on earth would you buy something like this for ‘research’…obviously he had to put across some sort of defense and this was the only viable one. i seen the guy on the news and tbh he looked abit ‘special’

  3. Daily reminder anybody openly selling chemical weapons is law enforcement

  4. Autism intensifies.

  5. The sentence was excessive; the guy was setup by the FBI, who, per the articles, never even testified at his trial. How could that possibly be fair?

  6. Hilarious people are defending some asshole who bought fucking ricin to kill a ton of people.

    • LE hates disabled people.

      He didn’t buy ricin; he bought fake ricin.

      They guy is obviously mentally deficient, and he does not belong in jail for the next 8 years of his life, especially, with kids who need and love him. If he was a true threat to society, he would not have bought ricin, he would made it himself, as much as he wanted. No true terrorist and/or murderer would risk buying poison over the Dark Web; instead, they would get instructions on how to manufacturer the poison themselves and how to use it.

  7. haha i remember this shizz being on the news and i stated that he bought it after watching breaking bad lol
    now i could understand if he were an influential teenage lad but the guy is 32

    even so the sentence was abit harsh, i mean this is the UK not america where you get stooopid long ass jail up ya batty for farting in the street

    still….what a looozer

  8. Ali was my shopkeeper

    This guy was my shopkeeper, I did have some weird feeling about him, but he was always nice to me. Fuck knows how he was gonna use it, but I think I clocked onto his autism, maybe that’s why I got a weird feeling about him. He had a nice life, a business, family, a nice range rover so I’m baffled

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