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Finland’s A-Clinic Foundation Aims to Help Dark Net Harm Reduction

The drug trade in Finland has moved online in a large way.  One addiction charity plans to update its way of operating by mimicking the same fashion as the online drug markets.

A-Clinic Foundation of Finland is bringing they’re addiction support and prevention efforts to the Tor Network. The launch date of two-years is aimed to reduce drug harm through anonymous and confidential e-services which include a wide database of substances that are being sold online.

Developers are exploring the idea of establishing the first anonymous laboratory testing service for psychoactive substances.

The coordinator the project Miina Kajos said the goal in the first place is to gain an understanding directly from the people who are buying the online drugs, as well as the dealers.

She also commented that her staff have already contacted some online dealers with very successful results that already have furthered they’re ability to identify patterns of drug abuse and ways to address it.

“Our presence online is no way paternalistic or keeping watch. As far as possible we try and approach people as equals, and as a result we’ve had a very positive number of interactions so far,” Kajos said.

This is not the only way dark net markets users can get their drugs tested and get harm reduction advice, there is also DMNavengers forum and Doctor-x thread for harm reduction question:


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