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Morocco Bans Skype, WhatsApp, in VoIP Crackdown by State ISP

After first being announced in January, Morocco began enforcing its ban of “Voice over IP”, or “VoIP,” on mobile devices, in a move that prevents conventional Moroccan smartphone users from using popular video call programs like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, and more.

The northern African kingdom’s telecom regulatory body, Agence Nationale de Réglementation des Télécommunications, said in a statement that “Telephony [sic] services can only be provided by those who hold an official telecommunications licence [sic]…Free telephony [sic] on internet protocol does not fulfil these conditions…”

This decision has proved a boon to internet service provider Maroc Telecom, which controls 40% of Morocco’s telecom market.  According to The Africa Report, Marco Telecom’s reported a 16% rise in net income in Q1 2016, to $1.6 billion.

In light of the ban, however, some users are turning to Dark Web solutions.

Many users have opted to use Betternet, a local VPN service, to get around the ban via proxy.  Additionally, mobile users have downloaded TOR onto their phones, specifically the Orbot app and the Orfox browser, both of which are free, open-source, and available on the google play store for Android.

This follows a similar move in The Gambia in 2013, when the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority banned Skype from internet cafés.


  1. Flying High Again

    Morocco has always been run by gangsters. Currently, any amount of cannabis on your person can result in a ten year sentence, yet there are “elected” officials of “parlement” that want to decriminalize it. Ten years for a joint. That’s what rapists and murderers get. Of course, you pay a bribe, but there is nothing analogous to that in the West anywhere. Imagine a crime that merits ten years but several senators want to lesson the penalty to a fine! (There are whole villages in the Rif that are depopulated due to police crack down on growers.)
    At what point will shutting down the internet no longer be possible for governments, I wonder.
    I’m looking for a good free international VOIP service. Can anyone recommend one that allows me to call people who don’t have the service themselves? Thanks.

    • Yes those motherfuckers here are trying to jail us alive . people here are making their basic income from this hell VOIP but now no more . one day I will DDOS their basic adsl backbone I swear . now with 2040 botnets so I am getting more mad either free the goddamn VOIP or we will begin the war . what a great war will be . sons of bitches . soon u gonna write about those motherfuckers .

  2. An app called IMO is still working.. what is the use of banning only few applications.

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