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Nationwide Raid On Vendor Chemical Love’s Customers In Germany

In April, German authorities arrested five men for allegedly running the vendor shop “Chemical Love”. They were both selling drugs on the dark web and on the clearnet (the “normal” part of the internet) and had about 1,500 sales in total.


Recently, German authorities carried out a major nationwide raid, which resulted in the arrest of 63 suspects. Police believe these persons were past customers of Chemical Love. About 300 officials participated in the operation and they searched 68 homes, according to the Attorney General’s office in Koblenz. The operation took place in 11 states: Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, Lower Saxony, Thuringia, Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, North Rhine-Westphalia, Brandenburg, Berlin and Schleswig-Holstein.

One of the suspects was a 38-year-old from Ingolstadt where police found 16 grams of crystal meth, a saber and several daggers. In the nationwide raid, law enforcement authorities seized about a kilogram amphetamine, 475 ecstasy pills, 40 LSD blotters, a kilogram marijuana, 6500 Euros in cash, counterfeit money worth hundreds of Euros, and other weapons (a revolver and a machete).

“We were surprised that many apparently did not believe that we would look into the matter again,” Deputy Attorney General Mario Mannenweiler in Koblenz said in a statement.

Since May 2015, Chemical Love scored about 1,500 sales worth at least 1.3 million Euros. They were advertising drugs both on the clearnet and on the dark web and were sending the packages via postal service. The vendor group always used bitcoins for the deals.


  1. So, how did they get the information to find these customers? Was CL keeping records of their sales and the respective addresses/identities?

  2. ANNNND that’s why my Patrons can shop in PEACE @ my farm stand…
    Because it is more than simple protocol to burn addy’s but it is nearly religious for me to do so; even prior to dispatching the day’s orders…
    Never do I let addy’s lay around, @ any price… not for dark opportunities, not for laziness or even misguided long term advertisement…
    That’s why WHEN “they” come & cut this ol’farmer papydawgs life, they’ll only cut mine & no one elses…
    I just hope “they” don’t hurt m’dogs…

    Good Luck everybody, except Anti Cannabis & Hashish confections LE :::}


    Your organic Cannabis farmer & Hashish maker, HashishMaster.

  3. It’s obviously also very bad for the seller if he keeps records on how much s/he sold to who – it’s very stupid to not reliably destroy this information.

  4. They got the customers from the Server data. A VPN Server with a wordpress shop in it, completly uncrypted…

    • Its mindboggeling how stupid those guys are/greedy that they sell their security for money.

      You know, they were basically piss easy to catch and with their huge success everybody knew it was gonna happen that the police get their eye on em. Drugs on clearnet…old school. Have fun in jail.

  5. Jesus Fuck, this is major. How can people give up their addresses to vendor’s now????


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