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Darknet Weapons Vendor Gets Four Year Prison Sentence

A 41-year-old Berlin man has been sentenced to four years in prison for illegal arms trafficking. He successfully sold firearms and ammunition on the darknet and was able to prove this.

The man was under investigation following a crackdown on online weapon sales in the area. One DHL package containing a firearm got seized, leading to a growing case against the man. Police bugged his vehicle and recorded the vendor talking about rounds of ammunition for sale. The 41-year-old event manager sold weapons and ammunition to buyers throughout Germany, France, and Slovakia. According to court documents, he also bought “thousands of euros” of ammunition for himself from another darknet arms dealer.

Once his work as an actual events manager started drying up, the vendor started purchasing weapons from an unknown supplier. By 2015, “event manager” was successfully selling pistols and revolvers, as well as live ammunition.

Investigators told Berlin Regional Court that the man had sold ten weapons in the past six months. The investigators mentioned a Ceska with a silencer and a Sig Sauer with removed serial numbers. His van containing 2,000 rounds of ammunition was also used as evidence. After Berlin Regional Court found the man guilty, he confessed to the crimes he had been charged with. He is to serve four years in prison.


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