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Chronicled Introduces Ethrereum Blockchain-Based IoT Delivery Drone

Chronicled has introduced an Ethereum blockchain-based Internet of Things technology that allows delivery drones to interact with bluetooth devices for in-home delivery.

The startup previously raised US$3.4 million earlier this year to bring prevent the illicit distribution of counterfeit sneakers through the usage of blockchain. Over time, the firm pivoted to IoT after recognizing massive potential in the industry and the demand global consumers.

In theory, a blockchain-based delivery drone is one sample product of the Chronicled IoT Open Registry and architecture. The firm’s specialized microchips, manufactured by established organizations including NXP, Silicon Labs, and SmartTrac, are placed onto devices such as drones to interact with other bluetooth connected technologies.

The Chronicled delivery drone for instance, has an NFC (Near Field Communication) PKI (public key infrastructure) microchip that grants a unique cryptographic signature. The signature is added to the Open Registry, which then is provided to its secure Bluetooth chips, that interact with external devices.

During its official prototype demonstration, the Chronicled team successfully exhibited the communication between the machine-embedded microchip and the Ethereum blockchain by performing an autonomous drone delivery to a Bluetooth-security enabled house.

When a drone delivery is requested through an application, the drone picks up the package and flies directly to the target home. As the drone arrives near the target area, it sends a Bluetooth request to the smart window to verify its unique cryptographic signature and provide access to enter.

As described by its architectural structure diagram, the entire delivery mechanism begins by triggering an Ethereum node. Once an information is received, it alarms the IoT Registry Explorer and the verification software development kit, which allows the microchip to communicate with the end user and the application used to interact.

In its Ethereum-IoT White Paper entitled “Open Registry for IoT: Creating an immutable and interoperable digital identity for real world things,” the company’s development team stated that the Chronicled IoT technology was designed to solve four main problems surrounding major industry conflicts:

  1. Autonomous Machines Identity Security System
  2. Issue in Augmented Reality
  3. Fraud and criminal activities from consumer products such as barcodes and serial numbers
  4. Poor authentication protocol of most IoT systems used by major corporations

The first and the third real-world problems tie up to one serious complication because large conglomerates are struggling to deal with the identity authentication and data storage aspect of IoT.

While firms like Samsung and Amazon have completed the development of advanced IoT mechanisms and networks, their centralized and regulated platforms require a single database or a server to store millions of data sets.

If tampered with, IoT devices such as delivery drones can be sent to different recipients and inaccurate addresses. Thus, Chronicled believes that the existence of a robust blockchain infrastructure is needed for high security measures and proper authentication methods.

“Amazon wants to deliver packages using drones, Google is pioneering self-driving vehicles, and Tesla added a snake charger to fuel a car without human intervention. The more autonomous machines are deployed, the more these will need to interact with humans and with each other. Without a secure system of digital identity, these machines won’t be able to safely identify one another or perform cooperative tasks,” read a section of its White Paper.

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