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22-year-old German Bought Ingredients To Set Up Dark Net Store

A 22-year-old casual worker from Kumhausen, Germany bought ingredients to make narcotics and set up a vendor shop on the dark web. For his actions, he has been sentenced to 21 months in juvenile prison.

According to official court documents, the casual worker was on the drug scene since he was 16 years old. He dropped out of high school and did narcotics, such as speed, cocaine, and ecstasy. The 22-year-old participated in addict meetings and was in rehab numerous times. He was also been treated by a psychiatrist.

Crystal Meth

The suspect started ordering narcotics from the dark web since December 2014, when he purchased cocaine from a vendor. However, one of his packages containing 100 grams of amphetamine was delivered to a wrong address. He provided his father’s address to the vendor whom already moved out of his apartment.

Later on, the 22-year-old German decided to set up his own vendor shop on the dark web. For this purpose, he ordered four bottles with a total of 1,200 grams of the chemical 1-phenyl-2-nitropene, a substance commonly used as a starting material in the meth-amphetamine synthesis. However, the package has been secured by law enforcement authorities. The amount the 22-year-old ordered could be enough to make at least 250 grams of amphetamine base.

Since local police have been watching the suspect, he was arrested in early 2016. He was then released from custody after a confession on February 11. However, since he violated the conditions of his release and did not attend his mandatory court meeting, he was detained again in November. The 22-year-old expected that he would get away with probation and could concentrate again on his drug dealing business, court documents say.

“I did not have a job, and I wanted to make money, even to pay off my debts of 12,000 euros,” he said. “In prison, ideas come from boredom, everything is possible.”

According to the casual worker, he had never sold a gram of narcotics since he was focusing on setting up his vendor shop on the dark web. Prosecutor Veronika Bergmeier accused the suspect of illegal drug trafficking and two counts of illicit trafficking in small amounts. The state asked for a two-year non-suspended youth sentence. Christoph Spilger, the defender of the 22-year-old, wanted the same sentence for his client, but with the two years suspended. However, Youth Judge Stefan Kolb disregarded the defense’s request and sentenced the accused to 21 months in juvenile prison without probation.

“You must finally realize that we are not so stupid to believe everything,” the judge said. “If you bring the material for drugs into the house, you want to produce it.”

According to court documents, the casual worker wanted to tap into a lucrative source of income without doing much work.

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