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German University Student Arrested For Ordering Large Amounts Of Drugs From The Dark Web

Law enforcement authorities arrested an 18-year-old student from Kinzigtal, Germany for purchasing large amounts of narcotics from the dark net for resale purposes.


The Offenburg Public Prosecutor’s Office filed charges against the suspect. The accusations include the unauthorized handling of narcotics in “no small amount”. According to the indictment, the defendant, in the spring of 2015, started trafficking with drugs. The 18-year-old allegedly ordered from suppliers residing on the dark web, he placed orders for large quantities at some of the vendors. In order to pay for the narcotics with BTC, the suspect opened a bank account.

The university student ordered marijuana, hash, ecstasy, LSD, amphetamine, mescaline and hallucinogenic magic mushrooms from dark net vendors. According to the prosecution, the suspect resold the substances to customers, mostly located in Kinzigtal. The defendant started his “business” in May 2015 and continued doing it until June 2016. The university student allegedly placed orders at sellers located in Canada. However, one of his orders from the North American country got intercepted by officials from the Customs Inspection Office in Frankfurt. Law enforcement authorities discovered about 900 grams of marijuana in the package. In June 2016, police raided the suspect’s apartment, where they seized about 77 grams of hash, about 220 grams of magic mushrooms, and about 107 grams of amphetamine. Additionally, investigators found typical drug dealer stuff, including packaging material and digital scales.

Forensic experts examined the smartphone and the internet activities of the defendant, where they determined 26 “individual actions” (this phrase possibly refers to dark net orders). The prosecution charged the 18-year-old with 20 counts of narcotics trafficking, three counts on acting with drugs in no small amount, and three counts on the importation of drugs in significant quantities.

Since the young man was already under the age of 21 at the time of the deeds, the court will examine whether adult or juvenile law is applicable to him. The main purchaser of the suspect was already legally convicted. According to the Youth Criminal Law, a female customer was sentenced to 20 hours of community service. Law enforcement authorities also started investigations against the suppliers the 18-year-old purchased narcotics from.

Since police found large amounts of narcotics in the suspect’s apartment and successfully examined the buyer history on his dark web market profile, investigators gathered hard evidence against the man. The university student, if found guilty, could be sentenced to years in prison. The only mitigating circumstance in the case could be the fact that the defendant was under the age of 21 when he allegedly committed the crimes. An update in the case should be expected in the near future.

There have been numerous dark net narcotic-related busts in Germany in the past few months. One of the cases includes a 28-year-old man from Stuttgart, who was sentenced to five years in prison for possessing large amounts of narcotics, counterfeit money, and weapons in his apartment. According to official court documents, the defendant was “ineffective” at work due to his mental problems. As he saw this problem, he started trafficking narcotics to gain an income. In the period of April – July 2016, the suspect ordered six kilograms of marijuana and 120 grams of cocaine from dark net vendors. He provided his home address in Neugereut for deliveries. Police information claimed that the man and his accomplice spent around 45,000 euros on the drugs. During the suspect’s house search in July 2016, law enforcement authorities seized a Colt pistol, a Kalashnikov replica, and a blank gun. Police also confiscated more than a kilogram of cocaine, bags of ecstasy pills, and several kilograms of marijuana from the defendant’s apartment. At the end of 2015, the 28-year-old, who is a former national youth hockey player, ordered seven counterfeit 50 euro bills from a vendor on the dark web. However, as he seen that the quality of the notes was quite bad, he allegedly lit one of the bills, which “gave him a cool photo”. The 7th Criminal Court sentenced the 28-year-old to five years in prison for arms and narcotics trafficking, for the violation of the War Weapons and Weapons Act, and for counterfeiting. Since of his alcohol and narcotics addiction, the defendant has to spend at least two years in a detoxification facility.

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