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14-Year-Old Kid Jumps Out of Building After Taking Ecstasy Bought From Dark Web

A 14-year-old middle school student jumped out of a 30-feet building after taking ecstasy and anxiety medication he purchased from his classmates, who bought the drugs on the dark web. According to local British publications, Samuel Murray intoxicated himself with brandy and a “cocktail of drugs” mixed with ecstasy before nearly killing himself by leaping out of his window.

The Daily Mail revealed that Samuel returned home from a night out at around 1:30 AM. When his mother rejected his request to leave the home and continue spending more time with his friends, the intoxicated Murray jumped out of the window of his apartment as a rebellious act. As a result, Samuel broke his pelvis in three different areas and according to his doctor, it may take two years for Samuel to fully recover and walk again.

Alison Murray, the mother of Samuel who currently holds a full-time job as a nurse, said in an interview that Samuel always had a trauma of drugs and anti-depressant pills his friends took. However, his friends coaxed Samuel to take the pills and drugs including ecstasy bought from the dark web. Alison told the Daily Mail:

“He’s very aware of drugs, what goes into drugs and he’s always the one to say ‘don’t touch that rubbish’ and I know that because he watches documentaries all the time. He’s so clued up on the world of pills because I’ve educated him about what’s actually in them. He’s been so silly and look what it’s done to our lives. I don’t blame his friends for what he did but they were his mates and know he doesn’t do pills. Still, he made that decision himself and ultimately is paying the price. It’s a very serious trauma that’s happened to him – and mentally is the biggest thing. It’s heartbreaking when your little boy is calling you in the night and asking you to get in bed with him because he’s so scared.”

During the interview, Alison introduced a more severe and urgent issue of the origin of the drugs and anti-depressant pills children are taking regularly. She stated that these drugs aren’t distributed, produced and accessed by local gangs and drug dealers. Alison explained that these pills and drugs are purchased from the dark web by children as young as 14-years-old who use remote locations and undisclosed online aliases to purchase drugs.

“These drugs that are not like you’d expect from the gangs in Luton where we’re from. These are little village seaside kids that know how to get on the dark web. They have these drugs literally delivered to their house like an Amazon parcel. We’re not talking about big drug lords here. It’s bloody kids getting them,” said Alison.

Previously, DeepDotWeb offered extensive coverage in this issue of anonymous delivery of drugs via parcels and conventional delivery service providers. Because the senders use undisclosed identities and drugs are shipped and delivered to points that are far away from the actual locations of the recipients, it is difficult for law enforcement agencies to track.

After the incident, Alison has been encouraging other parents to properly educate their children with safe browsing habits and drug usages. She emphasized that parents must discourage children from using the dark web to purchase deadly drugs.

“If it can happen to my son – and he’s educated on it, he’s clever, he’s not a follower, he’s a leader, and I was 100% sure I’d never have to worry about him taking stuff like that – then it can happen to anybody,” Alison stated.


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  3. Stupid kids will always find a way to kill themselves so they can abide to the gang mentality.

  4. This boy could have bought the pills also on the street and it would be the same happened.

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  7. One question that hasn’t been asked is ‘why was a 14 y/o allowed out until 1:30am by his mother when she obviously knew he would be drinking underage, has a mental health problem and has access to drugs’.
    I think it is the parents that need a bit of educating these days.
    The funny thing is these sort of stories pop up all the time in national and local news in the uk.

  8. Lesson: Always let your kids go outside or they’ll kill themselves.

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