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Yet Another Amphetamine Vendor Arrested in Austria

Towards the end of September 2016, Customs Officers in Frankfurt, Germany, intercepted a package that contain 500 grams of amphetamine paste. This package, like so many similar package seizures conducted at the hands of Customs Officers at the same Customs Office, sparked an investigation into the declared recipient. After several more package seizures, investigators made their move.

A 24 year old living in Hallein, Austria preferred the packages. The official press release from the Salzburg police explained that the young man ordered “several more” packages as well. Some newspapers wrote that he ordered—or authorities seized—five more packages. However, the only figure that represented the quantity of drugs from the mail came from the first package. 500 grams of amphetamine paste.

Amphetamines are—just like the package seizures at the Frankfurt Customs Office—a commonality in such arrests. In this region, authorities seemingly collect darknet vendors by intercepting amphetamine. Next to weapons, amphetamine packages indirectly contribute to the overwhelming majority of DeepDotWeb’s news updates about EU vendor arrests.

However, the 24-year-old kept other substances as well: cocaine, coca leaf, amphetamine not described as paste, and marijuana. Furthermore, this vendor also owned a “taser” or electro-shock weapon.

After German authorities conducted their end of the investigation, they passed information to law enforcement in Hallein. From there, the Salzburg police conducted their end of the investigation. They discovered the 24-year-old sold “amphetamine and speed” to buyers via darknet marketplaces. The press release narrowed buyers down to “addicts” in Germany or Holland.

Upon collection of enough evidence, authorities raided the man’s residence. There they found the other drugs: 62g cannabis, 14g coca leaf, and “small amounts of amphetamine and cocaine.” And then the authorities conducting the search faced a surprise that, unsurprisingly, fit the amphetamine vendor “stereotype.”

Officers found “a ready-to-use cannabis breeding facility in a so-called ‘Growzelt,’” the press release explained. The grow setup was guilty equipped and contained cannabis plants. The number of which remains unknown, though. In addition to the grow kit, officers discovered an “an electric shocker camouflaged as a torch.”

And unfortunately for buyers, the Salzburg police found the vendor’s computer, packaging material, packages, and “equipment for road sales.” The press release mentioned the laptop “could” be analyzed for further evidence. Again, unfortunately for buyers, an educated guess would indicate that analysts will evaluate the laptop and any accessible information stored on it. This is especially likely since, according to the authorities, the 24-year-old refused to give a statement of any kind. (A notably stark contrast from the recently arrested amphetamine buyer from Bad Ischl.)

The public prosecutor’s in Salzburg is holding the 24-year-old for numerous violations of the Narcotic Drugs Act and a single violation of the European Firearms Directive.

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  1. So yet another amphetamine bust in Austria. This is very interesting, because on the DNMs (the five largest markets) are one or two vendors from Austria. So where does all the speed go? Not to the markets.

    Austria’s drug checking does not show any significant rise of amphetamine samples. On the other hand xtc pills and cocaine skyrocketed. Haven’t read about this phenomenon anywhere.

    So where is all the speed going? Not to the clubs, partys, festivals.

    And all busts point to lower level vendors who buy extra cheap speed paste to make a quick extra buck by selling to known customers.

    According to Europol Austria is/was a transit country and apparently it still is, just the way of transportation changed. The drugs stay shitty in Austria. The news on here paints a picture of an amphetamine epidemic. But as far as my research goes, nothing could be further from the truth. Checkit, in their latest warnings didn’t even bother to insert all the same sad speed samples that are more caffeine than amphetamine.

    The news on here regarding speed and Austria are disproportionately to say the least. Some speed from the big high purity vendors is no where to be found and if you get some speed it’s very likely just low level speed paste.

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