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30,000 Ecstasy Pills Seized Dutch Vendor Bust

Law enforcement authorities found an astonishing amount of drugs in a Dutchman’s apartment. The defendant is charged with the possession of narcotics.

According to the Dutch news publication bndestem.nl, as the defendant was standing in the courtroom, the prosecutor detailed the amount of narcotics in his apartment. The prosecution used the police report:C:\Users\Vitáris\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\download.jpg

“It was like a post office,” the prosecutor read from the police report. In addition, the prosecutor compared the apartment to Dutch retail store Wehkamp, but with the only difference: it was for drug users. On August 2, last year, law enforcement authorities raided the apartment of the suspect in Tilburg, Breda, the Netherlands. Inside the apartment, investigators found an astonishing amount of narcotics: 30,000 ecstasy pills, 5 kilograms of marijuana, 5 kilograms of hash, cocaine, LSD, speed, and 20,000 euros in cash.

Despite the massive amounts of drugs found in his apartment, the 23-year-old defendant was charged with the possession of the narcotics, but not with the trade. Prosecutor Teuntje Gudde recommended a prison sentence of 42 months to the defendant.

According to the defendant, the drugs were not for him to use or sell but for a dealer. The 23-year-old told the court that, due to the high price, he was unable to pay the rent for his apartment. A dealer, who knew earlier, offered him to help with paying the rent. However, according to the defendant’s confession, the dealer asked the 23-year-old for a favor: have his apartment available when he seeks to “drop in” drugs. Eventually, law enforcement authorities found large amounts of drugs throughout the entire apartment: in the living room, the bedroom, a safe, and a storage room. According to the accused, he paid no attention to the alleged drug dealer’s activities. He said during the court trial that it was the dealer’s case, he was not responsible for the actions the man did at his apartment.

Court records stated that to protect his own safety, the 23-year-old did not tell the court the name of the dealer. Law enforcement authorities were alerted of the apartment after the neighbors called the police saying that suspicious persons are entering to the premise with large bags.

The court ruling should be expected on July 4.

If the 23-year-old told the truth, and if investigators manage to find the dealer, the defendant could get away with a lesser sentence. However, if the prosecution can prove that the suspect was selling drugs, then he can face serious time in prison. At the end of March, four defendants were sentenced in a Dutch case where the suspects were trafficking narcotics on the dark web using the “King Albert Heijn” pseudo name. The main defendant, a 27-year-old man, was sentenced to six years in prison, a 57-year-old was given four years and six months, a 26-year-old was imprisoned for three years, while the last defendant, a 35-year-old woman, was sentenced to 240 hours of community service.

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