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A Canadian Who Purchased Drugs and Arms from Darknet Commit Suicide in Prison


A Canadian who was arrested for drug trafficking on the Darknet has committed suicide in his prison cell. Alexandre Cazes, 26, was arrested in Thailand and detained on July 5th. He committed suicide in the Narcotics Bureau in Bangkok, in his cell. The suspect was on the wanted list of the FBI, but he fled to Bangkok to escape the drug trafficking charges.

A report has said that Cazes lived a luxurious life as he owned a Lamborghini. The Lamborghini was seized. After his arrest on July 5th at No. 514 Private House Phutthamonthon 3 Road, Thawi Watthana, Bangkok, authorities made sure that extradition papers were prepared. The cost of the car in Thailand is said to be four times more expensive than in the west due to import taxes.

Cazes was a suspect for arms and drug trafficking on the Darknet, and he has lived in the Thailand for eight years as a computer programmer. A source has revealed that Cazes married in Thailand, and his way of living made him the center of attention. He was the owner of three different houses and several cars.

A search was conducted in his houses in Trois-Rivières and a mini-warehouse in the Cap-de-la-Madeleine area which focused on his computer equipment. Another search was also conducted in Montreal.

The Department of world affairs in Canada said: “Our thoughts are with family members and friends of Alexandre Cazes. Consular officers in Ottawa and Bangkok are in communication with family members. ”

The RCMP in Canada in collaboration with interested parties has raided the Darknet to arrest several Darknet operators and vendors. It is said that Cazes was exposed for arrest through the operation of the RCMP. They have busted several narcotic distributors. Their success is linked to the fact that they organize joint investigation with multi agencies in and outside the country.

“In Canada, the collaboration between the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada Post, and the Canada Border Services Agency led to the identification and targeting of an international distributor of narcotics based in Quebec that was operating on the Darknet.” RCMP said. “This resulted in numerous seizures and the detention of an individual involved in the international distribution of the narcotics.” The force behind their operation has resulted in success, and Cazes is a victim of their operation.

The arrest of Cazes was as results of a fresh worldwide investigation, where the FBI searched computer equipment. More arrests should be expected in the coming weeks. Some people also suspect that there is a link between Cazes and the Alphabay market. A Reddit user known by the name Saturne136 believes that the whole incident surrounding the suicide of the suspect and the timing for the disappearance of Alphabay is suspicious; “It seems there is a link between Alexandre Cazes and AlphaBay market,” he said. “If it is the case, in my opinion, 1) He should wait 10 years, 15 years before purchasing houses and cars cuz it was suspicious 2) Ban weapons from AB.”

He is even suspected to be an Alphabay administrator. If it happens that he was the Alphabay administrator, then all hope for those whose money is locked up there is lost. Also, if the information turns out to be true, then it means Darknet market admins are slowly being taken care of by the police, ranging from the arrest of Ross Ulbricht and his co-administrator to other operators. Credible information concerning this rumor would have been provided had he not taken his life.

More arrests are expected to follow, and the RCMP had a hand in the arrest of the many Darknet users from Canada. A lot of packages have also been intercepted by authorities. A privacy expert, David Fraser, concerning the operation of the authorities on the Darknet that leads to the arrest of Darknet users and administrators who hide behind the mask, said; “the complicated thing is what they do when they get there and what they do with what they find. If police are monitoring and tracking individual suspects online and using it to build a criminal case, they may be required to obtain a warrant. Police may also find themselves in trouble if they surveil entire subsections of the internet in the hopes of catching a handful of individuals.”


  1. Concerned reader

    What’s with the timing of all these reports by DDW? Every time I read something in the news it takes 2-3 weeks before you guys report it. There are articles which sound like they were written in google translate, and there seems to be a lack of editorial oversight. You guys can be better, sort it out.


    This is fucking bullshit! WTF? How can you even post this bullshit story on here? Are you high on morphine?

  3. Shit story. No more ddw. Its just shit here now.

  4. You should have copied the text from some other source because this story is total bullshit.

  5. Disapointed in DDW blog

    This article couldn’t be more wrong…

    Alexandre Cazes didn’t purchase nor sell any drugs on the dark net markets, he was a programmer and owned AlphaBay market.

    This article says so much stuff that isn’t like the press already said, he WAS the admin of AlphaBay and that was already confirmed.

    I will stop reading DDW blog just because of this shit post, during the whole read I was asking myself who the fuck wrote this piece of shit on this site, it makes no sense and there’s no much false info…

  6. Much Name Such Wow

    This must be the most retarded article ever written in the history of the Darknet Journalism.

    2/10 for effort but please, whoever wrote it, quit your job, you still have time to find your path in life. This is not it.

  7. Mossad/CIA knocked this guy off probably as their chosen fall guy to complete their exit scam, they probably covered all their bases this time even making multiple cryptocurrencies profits to exit scam with.

    They saw his a mortal enemy who they wished to frame.

  8. This article is load of crap meant to throw off the real truth.. And I’ll type it again.. This man was happy with a baby on the way. Yes, he had three houses but he did not live in all of them. This was a nice guy who the FBI had murdered for the digital keys to AB. This article is a terrible cover-up to those who knew Al. I posted this in the first late news article by ddw.. guys you all missed putting real facts in here as well.

  9. if this “story” has any truth to it, then HUGE international pressure must’v been put on the Thai ‘gov’ to arrest this character b’cs, with the sort $of$ he was alleged to have, he could’v “bought off” most of the cops in Thailand….
    he may have been better off some-where like Vietnam …. they’re not the Yanks’ bitches like the Thai(dot)gov seems to be ☹

  10. Fuck you Sagm Wood

    Garbage story.Sagm Wood you are a fucking terrible “journalist” and should quit. Idiot.

  11. RIP Boss

  12. the_real_birillo

    all this story is strange. report of fbi say that “cazes had personal email inside html code of AB”… strange! also with ross ulbricht something like this has been said. then….

    or we are all idiots and unwary
    or fbi hide something from silk road’s time

    and last… what is NIT? why fbi is not obliged to submit the details to court?

  13. What is this shit? Old news, omg. OP must be a dumb indiam to write something like this.

  14. Let God save his soul.

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