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Investigation Has Revealed the Other Side of the Recent Hyderabad Darknet Drug Bust

Earlier this month, authorities arrested a group of drug peddlers who purchased drugs on the Darknet marketplace. The operation that was intended to control the fast growing drug trafficking in the Hyderabad area led to the arrest of nineteen suspects.

An investigation after that arrest has revealed that students and other professionals play key roles in the drug growth in the Hyderabad area.

The other side of the Hyderabad arrest is that celebrities and notable men including an Ex NASA scientist hides behind the scene and controls the movement of drugs.

The Special Task Force raided Hyderabad and seized 16 LSD, 1.2-kilo Cannabis from the EX NASA scientist, and large quantities of drugs from the rest of the suspects. Officials said that; “Since May 2017, Anish had purchased various narcotic substances, including cocaine, LSD, and MDMA on the Darknet at least eight times. He is into drug peddling.”

Reporters interviewed a 23-year-old drug dealer on how easy it is to traffic drugs in Hyderabad. He admitted that drug trade in Hyderabad was difficult in five years ago, but it has become very easy in recent years. The other side of the bust is that the arrested suspects are mere samples of the many drug dealers in the district of which most of them are youth.

Reporters dived deeper into how the drug peddlers operate. In one of their interviews, a B-Tech girl and an IT professional said that drugs are normally supplied in the hotel after an external agent gets it through. This confirms a recent drug bust which was reported that foreign students mostly supply drugs to some hotels, though authorities arrested them. Over 3,000 LSD has been arrested by the Excise Department.

Of course, celebrities like Charmee Kaur and Mumaith Kau were recently summoned to court in a drug related case; there are still more of them who make use of the Darknet marketplace to order drugs.

In an interview with one of the celebrities who has an experience in the drug trafficking, he said to reporters that; “It’s very easy to enjoy. The rich kids who want to go into drugs. They want a separate life and it starts with alcohol. LSD and ganja weed and lot more things available in Hyderabad… Drug dealers want to make good money.”

The investigation after the arrest is still ongoing. Navdeep the actor has said to authorities that he is innocent. “I and few friends run a nightclub. We organize many international shows. That’s how I was introduced to the coordinator through an event manager. I had no clue that he was a drug peddler. I had pure professional dealings,” said the actor.

A 33 year old Dutch national found himself among the many drug peddlers arrested by the Hyderabad authorities. The Telangana Prohibition and Excise department caught Mike Kamminga with an illicit substance on Tuesday.

Investigation reveals that more arrest has been made aside from the initial arrest.

Puri Jagannadh and Mumaith Khan also said to authorities that they have never taken drugs before, henceforth, they are innocent. A comprehensive investigation has started to prove whether the two are innocents or not. Their blood and hair samples have been collected to help in the investigation.

Hyderabad had a bad reputation in the field of drug peddling. Most of the drugs that exist on the land originated from the Darknet marketplace after an order are made. The government has therefore employed all his arsenals to win that reputation back by arresting all the drug dealers.

After the bust, the Special Investigation Team has strengthened measures in monitoring unusual drug activities. Jayesh Randan, the IT secretary told reporters that; “I have personally contacted many center heads of the respective IT companies, whose list has been shared with us by the excise department. Since no employees have been personally named, firms have been asked to maintain strict vigil and monitor all their employees, within the office premises and check or any signs or symptoms of drug usage. If such signs are detected in an employee, we have directed firms to act on it strictly and inform the police.”

The news surrounding the Hyderabad drug bust is much, and even though drug peddlers are vigilant, authorities are monitoring everywhere with their eagle’s eyes.


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