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Berlin Police Arrested Two Suspects For Selling Kamagra Pills

German authorities arrested a couple for selling potency pills on the dark web. The local media reported two arrests in the case, however, the prosecutor’s office in Bremen suspects that two further persons were involved in the sale of the illegal substances.

On August 9, law enforcement authorities raided an apartment in Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany. The operation took place on the morning of August 9 and was directed against alleged dark web drug traffickers. According to the local media’s reporting, police officers had to breach the door of the suspects with a ram. Prosecutor Frank Passade from the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Bremen issued a statement saying that the prosecution is investigating a 34-year-old main offender and three accomplices on the suspicion of the “infringement of the law on medicinal products.” Mr. Passade emphasized that the four suspects did not have the required permits to advertise and sell potency drugs. In addition, the defendants allegedly sold Kamagra on the dark web, which is illegal in itself.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Bremen, while the main suspect sold the Kamagra pills on the dark web, the three accomplices packed the pills at their residences in Berlin and sent them to the customers using the national postal service. Law enforcement authorities counted 9,938 successful orders.

Local media outlets reported that there have been separate searches in Bavaria related to the current case. The Berlin State Criminal Police Office (LKA) assisted the local authorities in the investigations.

In Berlin, two persons – a couple – were arrested. Law enforcement authorities suspect that the 34-year-old Daniela L. was the main suspect in the case. The suspect is currently in police custody along with his boyfriend.

Law enforcement authorities concentrated high resources for the police action, which was conducted at 8:30 am. More than a dozen of police officers and undercover investigators participated in the operation.

German publications reported that the investigators used a ram to break open the door of the main suspect’s apartment. In the two rooms, Daniela L. and her boyfriend lived together with their dog. The neighbors described the couple as “unobtrusive and friendly”.

Law enforcement authorities arrested Daniela L. and her boyfriend as part of the raid. Both are facing up to three years of imprisonment and a fine for the violation of the German Narcotics Law.

Since the investigation is still going, law enforcement authorities only disclosed minimal information in the case. What the investigators had found in the apartment of the two suspects, we still do not know. However, local media outlets reported that the police have searched two storages in addition to the apartment of the main suspect.

“The suspects should have packaged the pills and sent them [the customers]. Police have discovered 9,938 postal shipments,” Mr. Passade said in a statement.

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