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Darknet Vendors Behind “FinestDrugsDE” Facing 15 Years in Prison

In November 2016, police raided numerous apartments in Thuringia, Germany. During the raids, law enforcement made discoveries that they called the biggest blow against online drug trafficking, at the time. They found notebooks of recorded data, phones, hard drives, kilograms of drugs, and two suspects: 31-year-old Philipp H. and 19-year-old Stefanie W. Those two suspects now face 15 years in prison for selling drugs on the Dream darknet market, among other crimes.r4kr8bgv.png

Authorities first investigated three suspects. In addition to the the romantically involved duo, police investigated Philip’s 51-year-old father. No public statement—or at least on the police’s website—mentioned a dropped car against the father, but the suspect count had dropped to two and then stayed that way. Although a third entity may have had some participation, the prosecution claims that the duo sold 17 types of drugs on both the Dream market and a clearnet shop called “finestdrugs[dot]to.”


Finestdrugs aka FinestdrugsDe had also sold on Alphabay and Valhalla, but German law enforcement mentioned only Dream.

The public prosecutor at the Meiningen court preliminary hearing revealed that authorities had gathered more than 350 pages of evidence against the pair of drug dealers. Both, thus far, denied all accusations. Some of which are listed below, as noted in the 350 pages:

  • The vendors kept “meticulously tracked” records of their deals that allowed authorities to identify 4021 instances of drug trafficking.
  • At least 300 cases involved large shipments of drugs.
  • More than 2,000 customers had used the clearnet shop.
  • They had sold, from their account on the Dream Marketplace, 1.5 kilograms of marijuana, the same of hashish, 5.1 kilograms of amphetamine, 130 grams of methamphetamine, 300 grams of heroin, 400 grams of cocaine, and 1,000 ecstasy tablets.

Their clearnet website gave away the types of drugs sold on the site:


More than 500 successful orders! We have no minimum order value! High-quality drugs like Xtc / MDMA / Hash / Weed / Cocaine / Heroin / Speed and Crystal Meth simply online! Test our goods and they will be 100% pure!”

Phillip, the alleged mastermind, harvested user credentials and some them on the internet as far back as 2014. Investigators noticed that he had sent out millions of phishing emails and links on a routine basis. He collected databases filled with credit cards information and credentials for online payment systems, the public prosecutor said. Police identified nearly 10 million email addresses, almost 11,000 PayPal accounts, and 2,300 eBay logins. The clearnet site’s privacy statement is reassuring, though: “we log no IP addresses when buying drugs [and] your data is encrypted via PGP.” Reassuring until the site’s login page suggests that a user sign in with a social profile.

On a final note, FinestDrugsDE, the fraudster above, used a PGP key with the email address “[email protected][dot]md.” That email address is registered to a “Frank Bannister” and an irrelevant physical address. But the email address is also the registered email for two carder websites.


  1. You write like mainstream media: they face 15 years of prison. That’s maximum possible, it serves to scare people to do criminal acts. they would get less than a year if the cops didn’t find all these records, with so many records, they will get 5-7 years. after serving 2/3 of the sentence, they will be free.
    don’t scare people, the law is created by (financial) criminals who never get arrested.

    • True. 15 years is the maximum sentence. But it also depends on many things. How old is the offender, circumstances, first real crime, has he a job, how big is the city. Did he offended in the east or west, things like that.

  2. Could you please point me to the financial criminal unemployment office while you are at it?

  3. These have to be the stupidest pair of Darknet Vendors I’ve ever come across thus far. They were brazen enough to set up on the Clearnet! Like damn and on the Clearnet indicated they were Darknet Vendors! It was only a matter of time before these dumbasses got busted.


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