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German Man Charged With Trafficking Heroin And Marijuana

Law enforcement authorities arrested and accused a man in Germany of trafficking drugs, which he allegedly bought on the dark web and resold locally. When investigators searched the home of the defendant, they found large amounts of heroin and marijuana.

According to prosecutor Dennis Cernota, a 31-year-old suspect of Saalekreis, Germany was taken into police custody on August 18. Mr. Cernota said that the defendant is accused of trafficking drugs, which he allegedly purchased from the dark web and sold to local customers. The prosecution confirmed that law enforcement managed to identify the illegal activities of the suspect when the customs authorities intercepted a package containing narcotics on its way to the 31-year-old.

When investigators searched the apartment of the suspect, according to Mr. Cernota, police had discovered half a kilogram of marijuana and 50 grams of heroin. The prosecutor estimates the street value of the drugs is in the “four-digit euro range”. Mr. Cernota added that the 31-year-old has been under investigation since the beginning of the week. Law enforcement authorities arrested the suspect quickly since they were afraid that the 31-year-old would re-offend. According to the prosecutor, the investigation still goes on.

On the same day, a judge sentenced a 32-year-old German man of Burgkunstadt, Germany to a year and three months in prison with three years on probation for ordering amphetamine from the dark web.

The case, which started in June 2016 when the customs intercepted a package containing approximately 100 grams of amphetamine arriving from the Netherlands, was quite controversial for a while. It was not clear for a time whether the 32-year-old defendant or his brother had ordered the drug package from the dark web.

However, the court heard the evidence of the police against the 32-year-old and the judge was convinced that he was the one who used the dark net to order approximately 100 grams of amphetamine from a vendor residing in the Netherlands.

After the customs forwarded the case to the German police, investigators had searched the apartment of the defendant. They have confiscated the 32-year-old’s phone and laptop, which they sent in for a thorough forensic evaluation. Forensic experts discovered that the man had downloaded the Tor Browser to his computer, which he allegedly used to access the dark web. Furthermore, when law enforcement authorities found the bitcoin wallet of the suspect, they could easily connect the pieces of evidence and determine that the 32-year-old was the real suspect in the case.

On August 18, a judge found the 32-year-old guilty of possessing drugs and sentenced him to one year and three months in prison along with three years of probation. In addition to the prison sentence, the court also ordered the defendant to 80 hours of non-profit community work.

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