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Introduction to Bitcoin Transaction Accelerators

As we watch Bitcoin blockchain scaling issues popup, their weight can be felt by users. The waiting list for BTC transaction sometime grows beyond control, causing users either to pay a large fee or to content with delayed transactions. Some Bitcoin service providers, however, offer Bitcoin transaction accelerator services intended to help clear the pending Bitcoin transactions and make them go through the Bitcoin network smoothly.

Transaction Accelerators allow users to reduce the waiting time of each transaction during a congestion time by prioritizing transactions. They do so by adding submitted transactions onto their mining networks to ensure that the tx. Is included in the first block mined by the providers. However, this is a process that relies heavily on the provider’s mining power and is not guaranteed to work 100% of the time due to the luck factor in Bitcoin.

While most transaction accelerators charge a fee, some like the ViaBTC are free to use, but extremely limited. So for a generally fixed fee per transaction.

Services Comparison

ViaBTC: ViaBTC pioneered this service as a protest against the current limitations on the Bitcoin network. The service gives priority to the user-submitted transactions into the next mined blocks by the ViaBTC pool. The only requirement is that your transaction include a minimum fee of 0.0001BTC/KB.

The free-to-use nature of the service has made it widely popular as every hour, the number of transaction requested reaches its limit and it is common be presented with the message “Submissions are beyond limit. Please try later.” on the top middle of the page, this means you will have to wait for the next hour for a new submission.

After submitting the transaction, you have to wait for the next block to be mined by ViaBTC Pool.

BTC.com: This service is provided in cooperation with several main mining pools. However, in most cases BTC.com mining pool is including the stuck transaction into their own mined blocks. They promise a chance of 75% for including transactions in the next block within one hour. Within 4 hours the chance is claimed to be at 98%. They guarantee that if the transaction isn’t confirmed in 12 hours, the fees will be fully refunded to your card within 10 ~ 15 days. This policy is not applicable to the transactions which are removed or double-spent during the acceleration process.

This is a paying service with an estimated price based on the transaction size that you preview on the website itself. You will be charged through credit card. Unlike ViaBTC, there is no requirement for minimum fees, even if you pay no fee you will still have the chance to get the transaction confirmed through BTC.com transaction accelerator service.

Sosobtc: Offering a similar service to the one provided by BTC.com, sosobtc charges a lower fee rates of only $2.9/KB. The minimum fee is $2.9 even for a transaction lower than 1KB, which is mentioned on the service announcement page. After receiving the commission and details, the transaction will be confirmed within 2 hours, or the money will be fully refunded.

Sosobtc offers cryptocurrency price charts, news and navigation. They don’t have their own mining pool but they cooperate with several mining pools in order to operate their Bitcoin transaction accelerator service. However, they don’t have a public service page as the other two providers. Users have to add their customer service staff in wechat (cai20101150090) or QQ (67433377), who will manually accelerate your transaction.

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