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Dutch Police Arrest Three in Research Chemical Investigation

In early August, Dutch police forces raided a drug laboratory in Boxtel, a small town in the southern Netherlands. The police arrested three suspects for alleged drug distribution at an international level. Police left out the majority of the details, but members of a subreddit fit pieces together and found the identity of the three suspects. The newly arrested drug traffickers, /r/RCsources users determined, were the group behind the research chemical organization known as “Research Group Nederland.”

ResearchGroupNederland (RGN) sold, as is the case with many research chemical vendors, on the clearnet. At one time, selling legal research chemicals online and taking fewer OPSEC precautions had seemed safe. As long as substances were not advertised or labelled in a way that encouraged human consumption, what could go wrong? The line between clearnet research chemical (RC) vendors and darknet marketplace vendors is shrinking—especially if a vendor sells on the darknet and clearnet simultaneously.


In 2016 and possibly later, RGN sold ketamine and MDMA on a darknet marketplace. (Just Alphabay I believe but possibly others.) At some point in 2016, they began to focus on clearnet research chemical sales. The group registered their website, researchgroupnederland[dot]com, in January 2016. (Granted, they purchased one of their research chemical websites, 4fmp-nederland[dot]com, on November 19, 2015). From the clearnet site, they sold one of the widest array of “research chemicals” offered on the market.


Not only did the group sell a wide selection of drugs, they sold them in kilogram quantities—if requested. Kilogram quantities of fentanyl analogs too. With the heat from fentanyl, some users suggest that this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Regardless of how and why, other than the mere fact that Dutch police are on a roll, it happened.


“It’s not a lab where drugs are being produced, but we had a suspicion that there was a reasonable amount of hard drugs,” a spokesman said. “The property featured fentanyl, both in the United States and Canada, the drug is extremely popular, but it also causes many deaths.”

There are several circumstantial indicators that the three suspects and lab had belonged to RGN.

  • The first is that the raid occurred in Boxtel. As stated above, Boxtel is small. RGN was large. The existence of another large mail-order drug trafficking organization in such a small town is unlikely. Especially a clearnet one.
  • One Reddit user pointed out that the website was registered at complex that, by walking, was within 10 minutes of the location the police raided.
  • Several research chemical buyers or simply people paying attention remembered one of the real names of a member and/or his entire dox; they matched locations.
  • Not only is the site registered to an address within walking distance of the raided business park, RCsources users reported receiving DHL express packs from Boxtel.
  • RGN stopped replying to users the same day that the police raided them. They have not returned emails since.


The three drug traffickers could have been any other mail order drug trafficking organization in Boxtel. There is no solid proof that they are and a lack of information in general to prove that they are not. However, speculative evidence points towards the RGN angle. We may never find out. The police will. Law enforcement are still investigating the case and are now working with DHL. The suspects are in custody and are not allowed contact with the outside world, save for contact with their lawyers. Similar to the Hansa takedown.


  1. Pieces of shit that distribute fentanyl and/or fentanyl analogs deserve to be jailed.

    • You see, I totally disagree with you. If there is a market for this product, why shouldn’t it be sold? It’s illegality only puts profits into the pockets of these organizations. And I must remind you that still, cigarettes and alcohol are the biggest killers when it comes to drugs….

  2. I heard from SWIM that RGN was a really reliable RC vendor.
    Unfortunately they distributed fentanyl or analogs. That shit is really dangerous and must not be sold.
    Other analogs from LSD were good. Same as the 4fmp (before the ban) and 6apb they sold.

  3. Rule of thumb, if they can’t buy it in one place, they will get it in another. Let free markets rule.

  4. Curious what will happen with them One guy of this organisation was already seen on a TV Programm with ‘Alberto Stegeman’. He was selling ‘Flakka”then. Then he was also taken by the police.

    They had all the good stuff though.

  5. Phd_in_commonsense&reality

    I had talked with some individuals that were contemplating placing a small order for a few products they offered (nothing even close to a fent analog or even in that “class” of products) after doing a lot of researching over a few months time earlier this spring, mainly due to the large amount of good reviews they found and saw throughout the internet, the wide array of products they offered & the very attractive and competitive prices they listed. But after they reviewed and researched their site and information in depth they decided against it simply due to the fact that they were openly & freely promoting the sales & international distribution of a wide array of extremely potent, structurally altered, highly illegal (in most countries) & un-verified or tested (by accredited third party analysis) substances of unknown origin and in large quantities to anyone with the funds available to purchase them without requiring any useage or background verification before accepting an order. One of the other red flags that stuck out to them is the payment options that they offered, if I remember correctly they said that the company would not process an order payment by credit, debit card, business/institution check, certified check or money order and would only accept western union, bank wire or some other odd form of online money transfer that was anonymous, non-refundable and mainly used for the online drug market that I’ve never heard of. In this day and age with the endless reaches, possibilities & power of the Internet and what it can offer it’s inevitable that this will continue, unfortunately it’s basically the next man up mentality and I’m guessing that there were other groups or individuals that stepped up to the plate to cater to their customers within seconds of this groups website being shut down offering the same or similar products. Let’s face it, when there’s a demand for a product or products and substantial profit can be made there will always be someone willing and happy to supply it regardless of its legality, quality or difficulty to obtain all for the almighty dollar even if they know it has the possibility to harm or kill countless people & destroy families. It’s like a revolving door, governments will continually change laws and law enforcement will arrest the individuals that can’t cover their tracks well enough to not be found that break them. Only to have numerous others slip through the cracks only to be detected & possibly caught if the wrong or big enough mistakes or slip up’s are made, round and round they will go and no end will come as long as there’s a demand and no legal alternative, it’s simple human nature with a lot of greed and carelessness mixed in. I do believe that governments could fix a lot of these problems (not all obviously), save a lot of time, resources that would be better utilized elsewhere and money plus make a LOT of money all while substantially reducing both the petty & violent crime rate (which will also save an exorbitant amount of money, just think about the number of people in jail, prison or in the legal systems because of a marijuana or similar related offense throughout the world that caused no harm whatsoever to another human and what it costs to have them there, the number would be unbelievably astronomical & that’s a FACT) by decriminalizing certain “substances”, not all of course and taxing their sale which could and would solve the vast majority if not all of the debts they currently have & will incur in the future along with funding research and other projects that would better the populations daily lives and country but can’t be done because of a lack of funding along with new projects that arise. By doing that they in turn would be able to monitor the amount of “legal” use to a much higher degree and be able to provide much more accurate numbers when it comes down to research studies, which are a major factor in deciding on and proposing new legislative measures. Obviously as long as humans walk the earth there will be the illegal side of anything to some degree but I believe the amount or percent of illegal & criminal activity in regards to this type of situation would decrease so fast and by such a substantial amount that we would see such an unbelievable shift in our economy, daily lives and general outlook on life and the world for the better that we can’t even currently comprehend & some may or would never comprehend. BUT, unfortunately (to some degree) there is such a gigantic superpower in play throughout the world that will stop at pretty much nothing, has more power, connections and resources than many governments and countries on this planet and in my opinion is causing more devastation, started the cause of the devastation and the reason we are even discussing this topic by developing some of the substances related to the topic at hand and that is the pharmaceutical industry! We as constituents to our countries government and ultimately the holders of the power to make the changes are ultimately at fault to some degree for allowing it to get to where it is but the only way we could make the changes necessary can only be done by a massive amount of the world population coming together and forcing the governments to see that they no longer have a choice, change or be changed! That is absolutely and positively the only way it will happen in a noticeable & impactful scale and a timely manner for the world as a whole!

  6. They weren’t selling the fentalogues as heroin or anything, it was exactly what it said on the tin. That has to count for something. If you fly too close to the sun, you knew it was dangerous. You really have no one but yourself to blame if you are receiving the product you wanted. It is incredibly dangerous and everyone knows that.

    Things can only get more dangerous after more and more new, untried, and possibly unsafe chems are developed and marketed after all the products with, at the least, known safety profiles are stopped from being distributed.

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