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PSA: DNMAvengers Announcement – 75 Free Lab-tests!

Posted to the request of the DNMAvenfers admin:


So for those of you whom don’t know, DNMAvengers is an forum that hasoperated since 2015 doing harm reductional work via testing vendors products. The forum has been defunct (In the sense that no codes have been given out) for some time now, but that is finally changing and we have some exciting news to bring with that aswell.

We have partnered with Wall St Market, Trade Route & Tochka on an agreed platform to lab-test vendors’ products.

We will be starting off with 75x lab-test codes being given out to the community! This will continue on with an amount between 50-100x tests to give out per month.

The substances which are primarily being focused on are Opiates & Cocaine, but given suspicion of adulteration any drug class would be
tested, so if you suspect an product you bought from a vendor whether that is Cocaine, Heroin, MDMA, LSD or anything in between is adulterated you can ask for an code.

When possible we will also be lab-testing samples several times (Meaning multiple members send in an sample each, to try to limit the amount of corruption/slandering possible)

Due to the market partnerships we are able to do three essential things:

1: Funding by our marketplace partners

2: The possibility to get samples via secure ways in a more blind form
(i.e decreasing the risk of slandering or corruption occurring a lot)

3: To effect the vendors’ ability to sell the adulterated product

The process of requesting a lab-test code has changed quite a bit for those of you who are familiar with the forum.

The “Code Submission” board has changed into a “Report Board” where users submit reports, write information about the suspected
adulteration, and so other community members can also chip in what they know about the batch, and then a decision is made whether or not to lab-test it.

The likelihood of any reporter right now getting an lab-test code is nvery high, if you want to request an lab-test code, you need to sign up
on the forum and create an thread on the “Report Board” according to the rules and template.


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