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German Police Address Former Politician for Years of Darknet Distribution

A former district committee member and board spokesperson of the Green party in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg sold drugs on the darknet since 2013, German authorities announced on August 22. That very same day, a special police commando unit raided the 40-year-old’s apartment after a lengthy investigation into his criminal activities. In total, according to the Berlin Landeskriminalamt (LKA), “Boris J.,” the suspect, had made 6,500 individual sales.

He sold, according to the LKA and Oldenburg police, various “synthetic” drugs. The detectives mentioned 34,200 ecstasy pills, more than 7,000 LSD tabs, and an unknown number of 2C-B capsules. Reddit’s resident darknet market users believe the former politician was a vendor under the name “03welle.” Boris J, according to the police, shipped his packages inside music CD cases. Marketplace buyers stated that 03welle utilized the same tactic. They both had sold the same drugs, as well. Although dates are no more than circumstantial evidence, both 03welle and Boris J. started in 2013.


An 03welle advertisement:

Hey everyone,

We have been active under this name for 3 years now on SR1 and SR2, on BMR, Agora, Sheep, Hydra, Evolution, Nucleus, Abraxas, AlphaBay, Dream Market, Middle-Earth, Crypto Market and East India Company serving all your 2C-B and ecstasy needs. We have always satisfied our customers and have a spotless track record. A grams rating of currently 911 pretty much speaks for itself! 🙂
We hope to continue serving all of our old and hopefully many new customers

After Alphabay went down, 03welle sold on the Hansa Market.


The investigation started when the LKA examined addresses on drug mailings and spotted a theme. This type of case was not new to German law enforcement. And the trend of packages from Berlin pointed them in the politician’s direction. Eventually, the investigation led to Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. Police identified Boris J. as a potential suspect. They watched him for some period of time.

If he is the vendor that darknet marketplace users suspect, the LKA (and other police forces) may have waited a long time. The vendor was inactive for roughly two months prior to the arrest. Law enforcement listened in on his phone conversations before raiding him. Yet, during the raid, the police found no drugs at his apartment. They seized computers, mobile phones, cash, and stamps, but no drugs. Five other addresses in Berlin were associated with the former politician, the police believed.

Police raided those five addresses for drugs, but may have been looking for possible accomplices as well. “Whether he had accomplices is now the object of the investigation,” an officer reported. “We are especially interested in where he got the drugs that he sold.”

Until 2010, Boris J. served as a member of the Green party. He left for “professional reasons.” His co-workers considered open, cordial, and committed to the cause.

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