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Questions about ammunition purchases on Darknet rekindles in Germany as three men face jail sentence

The purchase of ammunition on the Darknet became a hot cake in Germany some years back. People wondered and asked questions to know how and why most of the Darknet related cases were about weapon trade. From the Munich shooting to the other known cases in Germany, Darknet was the center of the weapon acquisition.

This question went out of the light for some time now, but another dramatic arrest of three men who purchased weapons on the Darknet rekindled this old question.

The Inside Story Of The Three Arrested Men

A special unit of the German police went undercover on the Darknet to expose weapon dealers on the anonymous platform. According a report, a unit of the police cop pretended to be firearm dealers on the Darknet controlling deals and trade. The aim was to get people who would place an order for the weapons. Fortunately for the police, three individuals whose names were not revealed placed an order, not knowing that they were dealing with the police.

The police realized that the suspects were searching for a firearm on the Darknet. The police, therefore, contacted them and offered a sale to them. According to an information, the suspects agreed with the police to meet somewhere for the trade. These kinds of meetings usually happen in hotels and catering establishments. The police arrested the suspects when they arrived at the place scheduled for the meeting.

The little information about the arrested suspects is their ages which go by 28, 42 and 60 years from Arnhem, Berg en Dal and Hilversum respectively.

The conversation on the weapon dealings happened on the Valhalla Marketplace and they continued through email messages from January 3, 2017, to February 6, 2017. The conversation began with the 42-year-old suspect before the others came into the scene. He ordered S&W 2213, a silencer and 250 patterns for 2100 Euros.

He said he ordered the guns because he is a fan of James Bond, and he has a shooting corner with sandbag filler where he trains.

He was arrested in Duiven upon an appointment with the disguised firearm dealer.

The 60-year-old man from the Hilversummer agreed on a price for the firearm and a meeting point for their trade. They agreed to meet at a hotel in Vienen. This followed after he had placed his order to the police disguised as the firearm dealer. He got to the end of the road the moment he put away the Darknet mask for real face to face deal.

When he was asked about how he got to know about the firearms trade on the Darknet, he said that his curiosity on the weapons trade on Darknet was inspired by a book he read written by Saskia Noort.

The 28-year-old man from Berg en Dal was in the third criminal case. He was arrested at a hotel in Tiel on May 17, 2016.

He ordered a Glock 19 and agreed on 1,300 Euros price.

The Court Issues Related To The Case

During the trials of the trio, the Rotterdam court brought up other cases of suspects who ordered drugs from the Darknet.

The Public prosecutor gave a sound of warning to the rest of the people who think the anonymity of the Darknet is enough for them to engage in weapon trade on the Darknet.

“The buyers were anonymous, but the use of the darkweb is not a guarantee to stay anonymous,” said the prosecutor.

Their sentence pronouncement is expected to take place on the 16th of November and the court might impose a 12 months jail sentence to each without work. This is not the only case where the police have been able to arrest the men who control trade on the Darknet. There have been many of them.

The firearm trade on the Darknet that always involves Germans and Germany is very serious and appalled. A Stuttgart man recently suffered from the same fate, and the rest of the dealers are to learn lessons from it.

Crime has been rampant in most of the countries because there is a source where they easily get weapons and other illicit kinds of stuff for their operation. The police going undercover on the Darknet are in response to the recent shooting and robbery cases that happens not only in Germany but throughout the world.


  1. “The buyers were anonymous, but the use of the darkweb is not a guarantee to stay anonymous,” said the prosecutor… thank you captain bvious…

  2. When will those damn eurocucks learn that citizenry with decent/semi-auto-only weaponry (to the least) are able to combat, even prevent, mass shootings? It doesn’t require rocket science, let alone any tactical PD/Mil-type knowledge.

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