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Alphabay Vendor “PeterTheGreat” Found Dead in Jail

The Spartanburg County Coroner’s Office is investigating the death of an inmate in a South Carolina jail. On Monday, November 6, detention officers found suspected darknet drug trafficker Theodore Vitaliy Khleborod dead in his cell. Officials pronounced him dead shortly thereafter.

According to federal authorities, Theodore Vitaliy Khleborod and Ana Milena Barrero had distributed opioids on numerous darknet marketplaces. The duo, according to court documents, sold highly-potent opioids under the handle “PeterTheGreat” or “Peter The Great” (PTG). Mainstream news outlets infamously painted PTG as the U-47700 (U4) vendor behind the overdose of a Portland teenager named Aisha Zughbieh-Collins.

Although their case centered on U4, PTG had distributed numerous fentanyl analogs such as acrylfentanyl and 4f-iBF Maleate. Outdated vendor profiles and scattered reviews revealed that the opioid dealer had dealt with a wide array of China-imported fentanyl analogs. Their logs led to the arrest of at least one vendor: Zane61, a former Alphabay fentanyl dealer who purchased various opioids from PTG. In fairness to the U4 reporting, the original indictment only accused the Spartanburg couple with U4 distribution.

The indictment charged Khleborod with one count of possession with intent to distribute U4. The same indictment charged his co-defendant with one count of conspiracy to distribute U4. Barrero, though, had admitted to her role in the PTG conspiracy in an August hearing. She pleaded guilty to one count of U4 distribution. Khleborod had not yet admitted that he had taken part in any PTG conspiracy.

Khleborod’s lawyer, a Greenville criminal defense attorney named Richard Warder, had taken steps to prepare to enter a “not guilty” plea. He filed motions for grand jury transcripts, electronic surveillance footage, and information on informants. Unlike Barrero, Khleborod showed a hesitance to admit to the charges contained within the indictment. Police officers arrested him after he had arrived at the Post Office with sealed packages. They caught Barrero “red handed,” so to speak. The man may have changed course, though; his lawyer had recently told U.S. District Judge Michelle Childs that the case would likely not go trial. If it did go that far, February 2018 would have been the earliest court date.

Following the 28-year-old’s death, the Attorney’s Office issued a brief statement regarding the future of Khleborod’s case. “Instead of preparing for a trial in his case or trying to determine if he will plead guilty or go to trial, all that has ended,” the office said. “So, now that all remains is the sentencing for [Barrero].”

Coroner Rusty Clevenger of the Spartanburg County Coroner’s Office said that the Coroner’s Office had conducted an autopsy on November 9. Although the Coroner’s Office and the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the cause of death, officials have announced that all signs indicated that Khleborod had taken his own life. They had not discovered anything that pointed towards any possible foul play.


  1. looks like peter didn’t want to go to trial and wasnt that great after all.

    that guy had made a shit ton of money being a huge vendor like that. the guys that are able to be relatively small are the ones that dont get caught.

    i mean there are more priority mail envelopes there then the actual mail man would have. if you are putting the same exact return address on them how the hell did he ever think he would not get his packages profiled and caught?

    even if they looked the same they would still probably be able to tell they were from the same person or group.

    most of the vendors that have any sense are not on the markets any longer and just deal with the customers they had dealt with before via email and whatsapp and wickr and torchat and those sort of things

  2. i would like to know how he killed himself, DDW if you can give us that info when you find it i would appreciate it.

  3. First of all.

    I wouldn’t sell fentanyl. It’s too potent..

    If people died from the product I sold, I’d kill myself as well.

    • So every drug dealer should kill himself, every place that sells alcohol should kill themselves, every place that sells tobacco should kill themselves, hell every place that sells aspirin should? How autistic are you?

    • jessica c

      He didn’t kill himself, and Alexandre Cazes probably DID NOT either.

    • Ph0enix123

      EXACTLY.. Every single goddamn fentanyl peddler who is not a licensed MD and overseeing the administration themselves should top themselves.. its 1000x heroin potency.. first to go should be those disguising it as oxycodone and other lesser opiates.. cockroaches..

  4. Vendors are going to keep dieing.

    It is the way it works now. Have you not noticed most of the darknet vendors that are going down lately all are killing themselves. The law in the USA is far to strong. More jail time then a murder or rapist could get or someone stealing money from millions of people or white collar crimes does millions in damages… I wouldn’t be surprised if you see more vendors killing themselves before going to trial or doing it. The United States Justice system is going to eventually have to realize these strict punishments lead those that were lead down a dark path that the only way out is death.

  5. cant understand why people selling drugs / doing illegal thinks on internet / darknet and real life when they know how strong the law in there country is and there have to go the next half or rest of life in prison.. so crazy people doing every risk for money ^^.

  6. people takes drug because trying to escape from suffering..

    numerous way where suffering comes from
    – capitalism
    – economy
    – social system

    *unequal and poverty made parent unable to take care of younger generation, most of the time parent just abuse their own children and dont expect kids who have gone through horrible experience can do well when they reach their adulthood, they will take drugs too..because its the cheapest get-away they can afford

    the same vicious cycle continue for next generate and repeats indefinitely for centuries… whose fault making all these happen? the rich, powerful, corporation and gov cronies..all in the name of accumulate mass wealth and power vs the commoners

  7. ForLolSeriousBastard

    Big losers, obviously deserve that.

  8. ForLolSeriousBastard

    Btw you can see the fear in his eyes, not in his gf ones. Another red fail ^^

  9. 3 vendors killed not suicides this month

  10. h4ck_h4bit4t_leader

    Is anyone a little bit confused how most people committing crimes on the dark net are just fount dead or should I say the committed “suicide”. How the hell did Alexandre Cazes kill him self in such a isolated area. I personally believe that the law killed him, because how would he of killed him self? Does anyone else agree that it’s a bit odd how all these dark net felonies end up dead most of the time in there cell? Does anyone have any suggestions of how they could of killed them selves in a cell? Also I think Alexandre Cazes and Ross Ulbricht are heroes because they took a lot of drugs and illegal crimes of the streets, I believe there would be a lot more murder in this world if Alpha bay and Silk Road never where invented.Also even if these sites all get taken down it’s not going to keep buyers from buying of the street.Also all this dark net sites go up and down even if they get permanently taken down a new dark net site will come up. The authority are fucking idiots I think there wasting time.

  11. h4ck_h4bit4t_leader

    Apologies I meant to say *they.

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