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Police Confirms the Arrest of Special Education Teacher Who Set Up Heroin Sale Shop

The sale of heroin and opioids have been a secret day to day transaction for vendors moving out of the Darknet marketplace scene to actual vending on the street and even now in the classroom. After their origination from the Darknet, an education teacher went the extra mile without any fear of being arrested to set up a heroin and opioid sale shop.

Monica Snee, 51, faces multiple charges of heroin-related cases. This includes the possession and the distribution of opioids in the Parkside school premises. Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the sales happened on the grounds of the Parkside high school, but the targeted people of her drugs are not yet known.

Due to where she set up her store, it is likely that she sold the drugs to students or the teachers, however, authorities have not officially said anything about it yet.

Authorities conducted a search in her apartment and seized 173 capsules of heroin, 340 pills of oxycodone and large quantities of suboxone pills. A sum of $3,000 believed to be a product of her illicit drugs sale was also discovered.

The darkness started consuming Snee when authorities all of a sudden became interested in her activities, investigating her from October. This happened following the information received from a recovering drug addict concerning the source of his purchase. “We received information from a recovering addict here in Wicomico County,” said Mike Lewis, Wicomico County Sheriff.

“A man who came forward who wanted to report his source of opioids during a very dark period in his life,” he added. Lewis also described this as “the worst act of betrayal” as she took advantage of the trust the school had in her.

An investigation revealed that Snee had worked in the school for 17 years, but it is not clear the exact time she started selling the drugs. According to Lewis, she also distributed drugs to other schools and people in different locations. Despite the thorough investigation, no evidence has been found whether she sold the drugs with the help of other partners in or out of the school.

In the Parkside high school, her center of distribution was the parking lot right behind the school.

Snee probably formed a part of the large drug network in Maryland contributing to a high number of overdose deaths.

Maryland recorded a high number of overdose fatalities in the first quarter of 2017 doubling the overdose fatalities in the first quarter of 2016. The overdose fatalities from January to May in 2016 was 157 while that of 2017 was 372 according to the report released by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Heroin overdose death also increased by 21 percent in the first quarter of 2017. This explains why the authorities are more serious in drug-related cases.

Opioid and fentanyl drug overdose has been a problem across the whole USA.

During the arrest, authorities seized her Nissan Rogue as evidence of her illegal drug sale. It has also been reported that she has been placed on administrative leave as she awaits her prosecution. The teenage heroin and fentanyl consumption and overdose are on the rise in the US; however, the teachers are responsible for teaching them the side effects of these drugs rather than selling drugs to them. The behavior of Snee has proven otherwise and consequently a major concern to parents and the general public.

The country’s authorities have considered measures to reduce the high impact of illicit drugs among the youth. Maryland in 2017 signed bills aimed to decriminalize drugs. America in the past years saw 7 percent of the youth between 12-13 years using illicit drugs. The gravity of the wide acceptance of drugs among the youth leads to the production of drug-addicted adults which affects the country in the long run.

A 48-year-old teacher was also arrested in Portsmouth for selling heroin and Fentanyl in one of the high schools.

Regardless of the arrest, authorities are still investigating other schools to break down the network of illicit drug sales among the teachers, students and the country at large.

The postal services have been a loophole for the influx of synthetic opioids and fentanyl into the country ending up in the classrooms. In respect to this, the FDA has increased focus on fentanyl at the postal facilities.

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