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Lisbon DMT Dealers Prepare for Upcoming Court Appearance

According to the District Attorney’s Office in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, two preventively arrested individuals sold massive amounts of psychedelic drugs on the darknet. Authorities are soon to try the traffickers in collective court. The suspects allegedly sold DMT, psilocin, psilocybin, LSD, and 2-CB to customers throughout Europe and the United States. During the arrest of the suspects, the Judiciary Police seized massive quantities of DMT and DMT precursors.

The case resembles that of the arrest of a 25-year-old German man for a large-scale Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) trafficking operation. While no official confirmation exists, the 25-year-old from Gummersbach, a town in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, is likely a well-known Dream vendor known on the darknet as “Noumena.” Not many massive DMT operations exist at the scale Noumena successfully managed for years. During that raid, German authorities seized more than one ton of “a substance used to make DMT.” The vendor was, until the account went on “vacation mode,” the go-to for many DMT users on the darknet. On January 8, due to the likelihood of the vendor’s arrest and a one month absence, Dream market admins banned Noumena.

Many found the DMT case surprising for several reasons; not many DMT operations exist and, unsurprisingly, even fewer get busted; law enforcement rarely targets DMT; and the quantity of DMT “ingredients” seized almost set records. (The material seized may have been powdered Mimosa hostilis root bark or Acacia confusa root bark. Officials never released specific details—only that Germany’s narcotic laws still covered the material.)

Even stranger, perhaps, is the existence of a strikingly similar case simultaneously making headlines in Portugal. There is likely no connection between the two busts, but they do have somewhat rare complexities. The German suspect is quite likely affiliated with Noumena in some way. And the two suspects in Lisbon, confirmed by the District Attorney’s Office as darknet vendors, very likely connect to another known vendor. Hopefully those details will be made public.

In Lisbon, the Judiciary Police seized several drums of DMT. The drums contained 75,000 liters of DMT. A conversion to grams is not possible beyond educated guesses. The police also seized 988,700 grams of DMT and an even amount of harmine. Harmine is a monoamine oxidase A inhibitor that carries a reputation for use in conjunction with psychedelics, especially DMT. Authorities also found various non-DMT linked substances. According to an announcement detailing their arrests, the suspects sold on the darknet and received Bitcoin in return. They allegedly made a profit of 22,000 euros.

And, as seen in so many prior cases, the suspects slipped up by sending packages with incomplete or non-existent addresses. The company they had used for the return address reported the packages to the police. Everything went downhill from there. The District Attorney’s Office called for a trial in collective court.


  1. Drugs are decriminalized in Portugal. So it will be interesting to see if the punishment is severe. It shouldn’t be: Coca-Cola causes damage to internal organs, diabetes and massive weight gain. DMT does none of those things. Ergo, the sellers of Coca-Cola should get jail time and DMT dealersa gift certificate to a health spa.

  2. ”the suspects slipped up by sending packages with incomplete or non-existent addresses. The company they had used for the return address reported the packages to the police”

    If the packages were sent with non existent return addresses, how did the company used for return addresses report the packages if the address did not exist ?

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