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NY Firefighter Arrested For Buying Fentanyl on the Dark Web

America’s fight with the new killer in the drug overdose epidemic, fentanyl is really getting out of hand. Many synthetic opioids have had their glory days in the streets of America but the new drug in the system, fentanyl, is something else and people just can’t wrap their heads around the reason for its sale explosion.

Deaths from synthetic drug overdose was inevitably a thing in the U.S. and the rest of the world but truth be told, since the arrival of the new “ever present” synthetic opioid, numbers have risen dramatically. Fentanyl has caused so many problems and is now a very massive threat to public health aside from the damage it’s already done in the number of drug overdose deaths in the United States. Since its breakthrough into the mainstream, there seems to be no looking back for the drug as it continues to be everywhere which even led to a ban by the U.S. on all fentanyl-type drugs. Still talking about the insane power that the synthetic opioid has gained over the years, the President of the United States was forced to step in and find a way to stop this drug from entering the country and with that being said, a much clearer picture of what fentanyl can do has been painted.

The drug is really gaining control and now it seems part of its territory stretches to even the public servants in the U.S. A NY Firefighter is in hot water as law authorities arrested him on the suspicion of trafficking fentanyl. 45-year-old Anthony Murino was arrested at his home in Staten Island on Friday on charges of trafficking the deadly synthetic opioid after purchasing it on the dark web.

The United States Postal Inspection Service looks to have stepped-up their game after they were accused of letting fentanyl into the United States due to the shabby work being done at their various offices. This accusation seems to have led to a spark of urgency and together with The Department of Homeland Security and the US Drug Enforcement Agency, they were able to make this bust.

Reports from the spokesman for the NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner of Public information suggest that Anthony Murino’s possible charges are pending and will stem from the “Federal Level” and is expected to show up in Brooklyn federal court.

Upon Murino’s arrest, many items were apprehended by the police which included a personal computer. According to reports, Murino has been working with the FDNY for almost four years and had worked out of Ladder Co. 11 in Manhattan. Murino has however been suspended without pay, due to an ongoing review of the matter at hand, and this is according to an FDNY spokesman.

Any attempt to get anything out of the firefighter’s parents proved to be futile as they refused to comment on anything, but of course, their neighbors were in shock and disbelief as to the events which unfolded. Murino lived together with his parents, a brother, and aunts.

One neighbor described how Murino and his family were stating that this was totally uncharacteristic of him and that the family is just really good people. Another neighbor also speaking on the matter stated that: “They’re a really good family”, and added that “They’ve lived here for a long time.”

Fentanyl is far more potent than morphine and has been described by many as speedy, greatly addicting, far easier to overdose and unpredictable as compared to much lesser competitors in the drug game. It, however, continues to get powerful as much stronger versions are injected into the system since people can’t seem to get enough of the synthetic opioid.

The synthetic opioid comes in many forms and is very easy to make as well as very cheap to buy. Therefore massive profits are being assured for its traffickers. Since its arrival, deaths resulting from synthetic opioids, with fentanyl being the arrowhead has surpassed the number of deaths caused by prescription opioid painkillers.

The fight against this deadly opioid has been taken to a new level but from the look of things regarding the height that this drug has reached, it won’t be any walk in a park.

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  1. I’m starting to think the CIA/MOSSAD/MI5 spooks that run the real opium trade out of the middle east (to fund their black budgets) maybe are orchestrating this fentanyl epidemic somehow.

    I think Fentanyl is the biggest threat to their opiate monopoly because it can be produced cheaply in countries like China.

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