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Decentralized Instantaneous Poker Protocol Using Ethereum/Solidity

Today’s standard model of communication renders it impossible to establish a fair multiparty computation model, if an honest majority of participants cannot be guaranteed. This represents a big problem when it comes to designing a 100% fair, secure, decentralized poker platform. Accordingly, the past couple of decades have witnessed numerous research attempts to bypass this hypothetical impossibility mainly via implementing ... Read More »


Melon Protocol – A Protocol for Managing Digital Assets Using Ethereum’s Blockchain

The past few years have witnessed the emergence of a wide variety of digital assets including cryptocurrencies, contracts for difference (CFDs), collateralized digital assets and others. Consequently, the need for methods to manage this rapidly growing class of assets is increasingly becoming urgent. Although this could be possible via investing in hedge funds, specializing in digital assets, lack of standardization ... Read More »

Using Cryptocurrencies To Regulate The Deep Web

The dark web represents an encrypted part of the internet that is hosted on hidden servers, whereas the deep web refers to all web services that can’t be indexed by traditional search engines such as Google and Yahoo. The dark web includes various players such as privacy advocates, whistle blowers and investigative reporters along with drug dealers, computer hackers, child ... Read More »

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Survey – Evaluating the Vulnerabilities of Electronic Payment Systems (Part 1)

Online payment methods are gaining popularity at a furious pace. Tens of electronic payment systems are available presently with strong levels of security; however, attack procedures and hacking techniques are also advancing at a high rate. University of Paris published a survey that examined the security of various electronic payment systems. The research focused on dominant systems as well as ... Read More »


Blockchain Interaction Unit (BIU) – You Don’t Need An Electronic Device To Use The Blockchain!

The blockchain technology has introduced the world to a new form of decentralized economy. The cashless financial ecosystem of cryptocurrencies is not only highly secure, but also offers trivial transaction fees when compared to the transaction fees imposed the retail banking sector. Many decentralization enthusiasts believe that the future economy will be greatly represented by blockchain platforms. Nevertheless, to be ... Read More »

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A Bitcoin Framework For Sending Bitcoins Using Low-end Mobile Phones

Bitcoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) currency that was innovated to provide a payment system that omits the need for banks and third party intermediaries. In some parts of the developing world, bank fees can be unaffordable, especially in poor rural communities. Moreover, access to retail banking services can be limited in such areas, which can lead to imbalances in ... Read More »

Penguin Mixer: Review and Tutorial

Today, we are going to review and teach you how to use the Penguin mixer. The reason why we have taken an interest on this particular mixer is its open source nature. Like the mixer itself explains on the front page, the deep web relies on a multitude of open source services like Linux, Tor and Bitcoin. However, bitcoin mixers ... Read More »


VirtualPatent – Tracing Online Ideas Via Decentralized Trusted Timestamping Using Bitcoin’s Blockchain

Social networks and other forms of online discussion platforms have made it possible for ideas to be disseminated in the blink of an eye. Nevertheless, there are several logical justifications that render individuals hesitant to share their ideas on the internet. For example, academic researchers usually prefer not to make their contributions public, until they have been formally published to ... Read More »


Utilizing the blockchain technology to create contemporary writing pieces

The digital technology has transformed the way narratives are created and consumed, from simply moving story-worlds and images to complex digital multi-branched and long-form story experiences. Also, the blockchain technology has revolutionized the global financial system. As a globally visible and collaboratively compiled list of transactions, which have been executed within a specific system, the blockchain technology promotes decentralization of ... Read More »

Can Foreign Governments Hack Americans With Impunity?

A lawsuit being heard by the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit seeks to answer the question of whether foreign governments can hack Americans with impunity. In the case of Kidane v. Ethiopia, lawyers for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the law firm of Jones Day and Robins Kaplan are representing a man from Maryland, ... Read More »

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Coinspermia : Unchaining Cryptocurrency

Even though the blockchain technology has introduced the world to a revolutionary concept of digital currencies that can entirely transform the global financial system, the scalability of bitcoin, and many other cryptocurrencies, is hindering mass adoption of the world’s first decentralized currencies. Bitcoin’s proof-of-work (PoW) scheme promotes immutability and consensus formulation; however, it represents a process that consumes enormous time ... Read More »


Dark Net Crime In Increase: Interview With Austrian Chief Inspector

There have been numerous dark net-related prosecutions in Europe in the past few months. The first country to wage a war against dark web criminals was Germany, where the government decided to provide more manpower to eliminate all kinds of illegal dark net activity. The Germans started focusing on the dark web shortly after the Münich shooting, which happened on ... Read More »

Tutorial: How To Buy From the Apple Market

Today we’re going to show you how to use the Apple Market. This market is fairly new but has managed to get a great reputation so far. It allows multisignature and traditional ecrow. Balances and traditional escrows are held by the market, so exit scams by the market are possible. The market has a decent variety of products and an ... Read More »

PascalCoin – A New Cryptocurrency Setting a Record For Daily Trade Volume

Right after being enlisted on Poloniex, the cryptocurrency exchange, the price of PascalCoin (PASCAL) soared by more than 1600% within less than 24 hours. The volume of exchange exceeded 7000 bitcoins less than a day after the PASC/BTC market was added to Poloniex. Although the first block on PASCAL’s blockchain was mined last August, PascalCoin didn’t attract much attention until ... Read More »