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America the Beautiful: The A.D.H.D Era

To most, it’s no surprise that American children and young adults are over prescribed stimulants for so-called learning disorders like “Attention Deficit Disorder” and “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”. Aside from the fact that those disorders sound completely made up, they are coined by doctors as existing on a “spectrum”, which justifies the massive production and prescription of pills tailor made ... Read More »

Bitcoin Economics: Volatility

Bitcoin is a perfect example of extreme volatility. Lets break it down to the basics. Need to Know: Finance Finance and Economics are two similar fields of study, but they make important distinctions that any dark net market professional should know. First, both fields define volatility as the measure of how quickly an investment, asset, or currency changes with time. ... Read More »

A Criminal’s Take on Credit Bureau Fraud

Hello everyone. My name is penissmith, and I am a new writer for deepdotweb. I am currently a member on the darknet marketplace Alphabay, and have been on marketplaces for the last 4 years. I have helped Alphabay by serving as ScamWatch member and was one of the initial members on there which made the foundation of our anti-scamming team. ... Read More »

The Life of a Stolen Credit Card

Credit card fraud represents a multibillion-dollar a year industry, with consumers losing billions, banks losing tens of billions, and merchants losing hundreds of billions (Shaughnessy 2011). These loses result in higher interest rates for credit card users, and a more restrictive and draconian system to loss prevention that results in the legitimate businesses and honest costumers losing money. While fraudulent ... Read More »

Drugs 101: Ketamine

Ketamine is a drug used to start and maintain anesthesia, because of its pain killing properties, sedation, memory loss, and trance like effects on users.  It’s sold under the brand name Ketalar, and is a schedule III controlled substance. On top of being a general anesthetic, Ketamine is an NMDA receptor antagonist. Simply stated, ketamine dissociates users, which provides a ... Read More »

The Rise in “Ransom”-ware

Ransom-ware is loosely defined as malware that attacks the victim’s machine and prevents them from using their system until they pay a ransom using Bitcoin, an anonymous crypto-currency. Hackers seem to target systems that have some sort of time sensitive significance to them, like university researchers Dropbox files, hospital databases, and school district networks. In the case of some hacked ... Read More »

The Unfortunate Rise of America’s Recreational Xanax Addiction

What is Xanax? Xanax is a brand name version of the powerful benzodiazepine Alprazolam. This medicine is used to treat anxiety and panic attacks. Unfortunately, this medicine has incredibly powerful addictive properties, and can only be prescribed temporarily because its effectiveness diminishes the longer a patient takes it. This medicine is so addictive that some patients need to undergo supervised ... Read More »

The Worst Vulnerability Is Incurable!

According to experts in the security industry, to shutdown a network or server is not a security measure because it does not allow users to access resources on a server. Non-availability of a network violates the confidentiality, integrity,   and availability  triad.  On the other side, a server facing the internet – in spite of a DMZ or three firewalls – ... Read More »

Why CSRF Is Not The Same As XSS

Since HackerOne came into the system to create close connection between white hats and tech. companies (primarily for security reasons), we have come across terminologies like CSRF, XSS, SQLi and the Poisoned null byte. These terminologies are part of today’s most common, harmful vulnerabilities affecting web applications.  Major tech. companies (Google, PayPal, Uber, and Twitter) have benefited from white hats ... Read More »

A Brief Comparison of Secure Messaging Apps

We are in a period of time where personal security is of rising concern. No longer is data protection only essential to network admins in corporations and government entities, but it’s becoming something that even people who haven’t even heard of the deepweb are becoming conscious of. Because of this, companies are starting to release tools and software to make ... Read More »

NBOMEs for Beginners

A guide to NBOMEs and what you need to know By a.grey for DDW An Introduction into the world of RCs Research chemicals. Whether you’ve heard about them on your local news channel,  national newspaper, here on DDW or by a friend who favours them; research chemicals are all over. But what are they? And why are they so readily ... Read More »

Heroin: Numbers 3 and 4

The present author would like to emphasize that the following is in the context of harm reduction. Heroin is a very dangerous drug that should be avoided. That being said, some may have seen discussion regarding #3 and #4 forms of heroin. In the paragraphs that follow I hope to detail their difference, which essentially comes down to stages of ... Read More »

MDMA: The Risks of Redosing

MDMA offers one of the most unique experiences, a pure moment of ecstasy that transcends words. MDMA is truly an amazing compound and one single article could not possibly do it justice. As such, this document does not and could not intend to be all inclusive: the focus here is on dangers associated with redosing. MDMA was first synthesized in ... Read More »

Psychedelics on the Dark Web

Whether you are a budding Alan Watts apprentice in the art of Zen Buddhism dissecting what it means to be alive or a Timothy Leary student sent into the future from a not so distant past set to question authority and find your inner potential and say a big fuck you to the government while meditating and tripping balls at ... Read More »

DMT, Ayahuasca, and MAOIs

Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, is perhaps the most potent psychedelic known to man. Potency aside (experiencing DMT requires a mere 50 mg), DMT commands significant respect due to the intense psychoactive odyssey it imparts upon those who venture forward. In modern times those attempting to breakthrough often consume DMT via inhalation (smoking). If attempting other routes, a DMT user may become ... Read More »