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A Few Linux Distros for Dark Web Explorers

Those who know what they’re doing on the dark web generally say that using Tor, by itself, is not enough to protect you. Traffic analysis and other methods have been used to de-anonymize users numerous times. While using a VPN is also helpful, security experts frequently recommend using Linux distros for additional privacy. That being said, it’s also a frequent ... Read More »

Reddit User Explains How To Use Monero and “Not End Up in Jail”

After both Oasis and Alphabay announced the support of the lesser-known cryptocurrency Monero, marketplace forums and the /r/DarkNetMarkets subreddit have been filled with posts riddled with misinformation on the topic. Being less popular than Bitcoin and Ethereum, the usage and security of Monero raises many questions that need answers. One of the moderators of /r/DarkNetMarkets, “sapiophile,”submitted a post titled “IMPORTANT ... Read More »

No Dice: Diceware Passphrase Creation System

Not long ago, I was browsing the Tor network and came across several doxing sites.  One of them in particular struck me because it was a list of social media accounts, including usernames and passwords.  The passwords were what stood out the most, because they often looked like this: 123456 password bob123456 12345678 Letmein batman After seeing that, I thought, ... Read More »

Interview With Minerva Market Admin

Minerva market is one of the newer markets trying to position themselves in this long lasting era controlled by 2 large markets, created around May 2016 & offering multisig transaction, this is a short interview we recently conducted with the market admin who wished to introduce his market: [crayon-5a0899c00120a946686700/]   Who are you and what do you do? There is ... Read More »

Netsukuku and GNUnet: Viable Tor Alternatives?

On an earlier Deepdotweb article entitled TOR: Is There a Viable Alternative?, I was intrigued by this quote: “The annoying thing about the DarkNet is that there is no “DarkNet”; instead there are DarkNets, all specific to their particular system.” Not long after I started to become more familiar with Tor, I wondered what other darknets existed out there, and ... Read More »

DEAR ABBY – A Review of (REAL) Darknet Antics

Recently, it seems that the darknet and it’s users has gotten pretty lax. Vendors are being arrested left and right. Customers are having packages seized and their houses raided. It is human nature to become comfortable. In this world, you cannot become comfortable. Below are a few, real encounters from various forums around the darknet. All of these arrests have ... Read More »

Fentanyl Abuse On the rise in The U.S.

Reports of Fentanyl abuse rates are on the rise in the US responsible for hundreds, if not thousands of deaths within the US alone. Even though the prescription opioid is strongly regulated, its being manufactured with illegally obtained chemicals by street chemicals. Selling on the street under such names as Apache, China Girl, TNT, Dance Fever, and Murder 8, it ... Read More »

Introduction: I2VPN

Service introduction – as it was provided by the service owner: I2VPN (i2vpnraen5bggqge.onion.top) is a new VPN that provides you guaranteed anonymity and security through a anonymizing network known as I2P. I2VPN is rather unique and wraps all of its connections via random computers in the world (like Tor) which none of us own.. I2VPN has also many features such ... Read More »

How Police Infiltrated a Darknet Forum to Hunt Down Pedophiles

In 2015, we wrote about how a taskforce known as Argos, started focusing on hunting down pedophiles on the deepweb. Argos was not entirely composed of police officers – among the employed were IT specialists, hackers, and detectives. The agents had had to see thousands and thousands of what the head of Argos, Jon Rouse, describes as absolutely unbelievable, horrifying ... Read More »

Past Dark Net Data Brought to Light

Think the markets on Dark Net are to secretive in nature to study the cold hard facts? Ever wonder how much business they’re really doing?  The researcher Gwern Branwen has shined some light on them for us. Using programs, he wrote himself, Gwern studied these markets by using his programs to scrape the Dark net markets, and take screen shots ... Read More »

On Public and Private WiFi, VPNs, Tor, and Virtual Machines

If you require privacy while connected to the internet – and I mean really require it – there is no reason to only make it part of the way to being safe. In the world we live in today, it’s foolish to ever assume you’re completely untraceable. The most we can accomplish is making it as difficult as possible for ... Read More »

Here’s some tips for using Signal as safely as possible

A few weeks ago, we wrote about how Signal was one of the better encrypted messaging applications for mobile devices. In the article, it was mentioned that no matter how secure you think your platform is – there’s always a weak link. More often than not, user error plays a major key in how weak that link is. An article ... Read More »

A comparison of secure Linux installs: Tails and LPS

There’s many lengths one can go to when it comes to operation security or personal privacy. One of the safest and best options for keeping your data safe is running an intentionally secure Linux distribution. There’s two main players in this line of operating systems: Tails and LPS. Tails is known everywhere, but LPS has been generating a significant amount ... Read More »

How The Deepweb has Shifted Away From The Politics That Created it

In 2011, the Silk Road was made open to the public as the first darknet market, and unlike the markets today, the user-base described the community as a family of like-minded individuals. Users all around the world met up with more in common than the desire to buy drugs. Dread Pirate Roberts, the founder of the original Silk Road, created ... Read More »