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Tutorial: How to Buy From Dream Market?

It’s time to present you a guide outlining how to purchase things from Dream Market. Make extra sure that you have entirely read this whole tutorial before diving in – it’s very, very important you fully comprehend each and every step. The following guide is to assist you to purchase, not to sell items. Vending is a wholly other animal ... Read More »

Tutorial: How to Buy From Abraxas Market?

It’s about time that we present to you a tutorial on how to buy stuff from Abraxas. Ensure that you’ve read this whole tutorial before starting – it is important you understand every step. This guide is a lesson in buying, not vending; vending is wholly another task which requires bigger consideration. The Abraxas Market listing and URL can be ... Read More »

Tutorial: How To Buy From AlphaBay Market?

With the news that Agora will be gone (Already gone now…) a large portion of its users have transitioned to AlphaBay. You must be here to learn how to buy stuff from AlphaBay, then. Ensure that you read this whole tutorial before starting – it is important you understand every step. This guide is a lesson in buying, not vending; ... Read More »

Tutorial: Installing Tor With Privoxy

When it comes to keeping your activities out of the prying-eyes of Evil-Alphabet-Agency’s, one must not slack on beefing up security on both their computer’s and networks. The consequences for those who are involved are just too serious to take lightly. If you are accessing the Dark Net at home at all, there’s a few simple steps you can take ... Read More »

Op-Ed: Agora: The site we all wanted

I must register that I never once in my life used Silk Road. I was, like many, late to the game. What I knew is that, for reasons of health, access to certain anti-anxiety medication was necessary in relation to the stringent laws my country had placed on them. To treat my condition I have tried everything: Xanax, Ativan, and ... Read More »

Wi-Fi and OPSec

It would be reasonable to assume that a vast majority of home internet users have some kind of wireless accessibility for their network of computers, tablets, printers, TVs, etc. In the past, wireless was seen as a convenient, yet risky solution for larger corporations and government entities – When weighing accessibility against security, the former would most definitely win any ... Read More »

OP-ED: Agora, Where’s My BTC (and your consistency), Bitch?

Note: This article is represents the author’s personal experience and concerns only, we KNOW and confirmed that many other people did get all their money just fine and acknowledge the fact that we have no way to know whats going on behind the scenes that is the cause for all of this. First up, let me say this – shock ... Read More »

VPN: Encrypt every device on your network for $20

Staying in-line with the VPN theme I decided to build a site-to-site VPN solution – otherwise known as a ‘branch office tunnel’. First, you will need to make sure that your VPN provider supports this function. I personally use NordVPN, however many of the best popular providers support this option in the form of OpenVPN running on a flashed consumer ... Read More »

Using Two Factor Authentication Safely

Darknet markets would not exist without Bitcoin but theft is rampant. Exchanges protect individual accounts by providing or even requiring two factor authentication. They are safer than markets, but how do you do this when you don’t want to give up an actual phone number? There is a solution, as long as your computer has the processor and ram needed ... Read More »

Cryptanalytic Breakthrough: What Are Diffie-Hellman and the Logjam Attack?

Public key cryptography: What is Diffie-Hellman? When the expansion of electronic communication was becoming foreseeable in the 1970s, researchers in both public and classified environments began to reconsider how a secure message could be sent between two people on a public channel vulnerable to eavesdroppers. Simply put, the challenge is this: encrypting and decrypting a message requires a key. If ... Read More »


I recently saw a post on /r/darknetmarkets that confounded and frustrated me. /u/national_and_interna asked: I am not saying I have done this, but hypothetically, if I were to sell drugs on Agora, take my BTC and transfer them to some exchange or website where I could buy Amazon Gift Card Codes with BTC. . Would it be possible for anyone ... Read More »

Cybercrime: The Study of Carding

Post by @Deku_shrub – Pirate Party UK and digital rights activist, transhumanist and systems administrator: As someone whose used the internet for many years, the term ‘Carding’ was moderately familiar to me, a term used on unsavory forums and websites to describe the increasingly regimented process of stealing and laundering credit card information. Drafting a brief history on Wikipedia, I reached ... Read More »

The  Story of an Italian Unlucky Cyber Pusher

The article has been contributed by its author – Ex-SR1 & BMR vendor “Fuckthepolice137”, profile: It all started between 2005 and 2006, I was in my early twenties with a sleazy and underpaid job, and the need to make enough money quickly, to leave Italy as soon as possible. While talking to a dear old friend ( one of the ... Read More »

Which Secure Email Provider Is the One For You?

As privacy consciousness has increased, phrases like “zero knowledge” and “end-to-end encryption” have become buzzwords of sorts. Many businesses, products, and online services have sprung up in the wake of Edward Snowden hoping to get a slice of the rapidly expanding market for privacy-enhancing technology. But which ones are all talk and which deliver? Let’s take a look at a ... Read More »

Today’s Opioid Culture

For thousands of years opiates have been used in many different contexts. Going back to the pre-biblical times, Opium was used as a healing remedy, an anesthetic, ritual purposes and just to get high. During the 15th century opium use was widespread in China and then in the 18th century the British came in and used their opium habits to ... Read More »