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Vendor “Dr Ropata”: The PsyOps I was Subjected To

Ollie bassweight, is an electronic musician, blogger and internet activist from new Zealand who has done many notable things including: doxing himself on reddit to expose flaws on market-places and forums and tackling the problem of drug prohibition around the world . This inadvertently propelled him to also tackle internet security and privacy issues. As a result has was subject ... Read More »

Pharma Agent Buying Drugs From Darknet Markets For Testing

Tim Ramsey, a 59 years old ex-policeman is hired by pharmaceutical companies to buy prescription drugs from DNMs (darknet markets) for test purposes. He is mostly looking for pharmaceutical drugs that are either fake or made in untested labs and sold as counterfeit pills or tabs. “People are being driven by desperation to buy drugs on the darknet,’’ stated Ramsey, ... Read More »

Liquid Sidechains and the Price of Bitcoin

Blockstream, a bitcoin startup with a team comprising of renowned architects of Bitcoin, cryptographers, and cypherpunk heavyweights, announced a product code named Liquid, set for release in Q1 2016. Liquid, a commercial sidechain, builds upon proposals set out in the original sidechains white paper. “Liquid offers instant transactions, providing a fast settlement layer for bitcoin exchanges, brokerages and other industry ... Read More »

Interview With Valhalla (Silkkitie) Admin

Silkkitie Market – One of the smaller markets which started as a local market for Finland and later turned international just celebrated two years of operation and was rebranded as “Valhalla“, we have conducted an interview with “Kapteeni”, the market admin, which you can find below. Admin Proof: [crayon-5a5a39da37b62509599962/] Can you tell us how Silkkitie started? Silkkitie was founded due ... Read More »

Regulating the Unregulated: The Future of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, though not completely anonymous, has been prized in our society as a stepping-stone for a privacy-minded and anonymous currency. Irregardless of the depreciating value of the Bitcoin, its creation will still be remembered for generations to come. However, there has recently been oncoming pressure from various organizations to regulate cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. Why this pressure? ... Read More »

Identabit: The Solution to the Misgivings of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, the currency of the future. This maxim has been associated with the Bitcoin since its creation. For technology-enthusiasts, the newly implemented Blockchain algorithm and the idea of a currency that was decentralized and accessible from all parts of the world was an enticing idea. Thus, the value of the Bitcoin spiked and early investors reaped tremendous harvests. However, for ... Read More »

We love the blockchain, not the bitcoin the currency

Bitcoin was the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network. A pandora’s box was opened and now the Bitcoin Blockchain, has inspired similar innovation in this space. Multinational banks have expressed avid interest in blockchain technology, evident from press releases, start ups, incubators and accelerators funded by them. What they want is “a cryptographically verifiable settlement and clearing systems that are globally ... Read More »

The Blockchain Magic: Φ Free Anonymous Internet

Update 12.10.15: Source code is now available for download at this link. Note:  Source files are still not available for review at this time, according to the system developer “To avoid Alt-coining, source code will be published after its user number reaches 1000”.  so proceed with caution if you want to test this system and use sandbox. Introduction post about ... Read More »

Second Interview With Outlaw Market Admin

Outlaw Market Is one of the oldest running markets, dated as far as 29-12-13 (according to gwern.net),  we previously had an interview with its admins and since a lot have changed since than, we felt it might be nice to do a followup interview and see if we can learn something from the experience gathered since then. So here it ... Read More »

Saviour of Bitcoin? You decide

Guest Post by by Fred Rico – Computer Engineering Graduate from Europe currently working in the computer industry, who took the project of resurrecting Bitwasp (Open source marketplace software designed to use Bitcoin which was used by several failed markets over the past 2 years): Since 2009 many followers of the Bitcoin Crypto currency have searched for that illusive commercial ... Read More »

L2TP vs OpenVPN. The Ultimate Battle

Over the last couple of years, a great number of VPN users have started using OpenVPN. You can find a lot of positive feedback online about this VPN protocol and why it’s superior to any other VPN implementation. But what is the force behind OpenVPN and do you really need to switch over from your standard L2TP/Ipsec option? In this ... Read More »

Bitcoin: Does the “Currency of the Future” tag still hold true?

“The next step in the evolution of money” “A de-centralized trust network” “Revolutionary Cryptocurrency” “Power to the people” “Lives without borders or limits” The Currency of The Future… The above headlines have been taken from various articles and literary publications since the creation of Bitcoin. It’s indicative of the acceptance and affinity shown by the global community, towards the arrival ... Read More »

Agora: A True Survivor in a Brave New World

Agora hasn’t ‘fallen’ per se but has been intentionally taken down by the admins as a proactive attempt to protect themselves and their users after discovering some suspicious activity around their servers which correlates to the recent TOR vulnerabilities – Of course they would not go in to specifics, as this has always been the ever-cautious demeanor of the Agora ... Read More »

Bitcoin Medium Term Price Outlook

The long term price of bitcoin always stirs up a response from bitcoin speculators. In the past 5 years, the price has fluctuated wildly, up + 17,500% as of January 2014. In hindsight, it is an obvious a pattern – goes up a while, then down, then back up. However, the past 22 months of a bear market, with several ... Read More »

Tutorial: How to Buy From Outlaw Market?

It’s time to present you a guide outlining how to purchase things from Outlaw Market. Make extra sure that you have entirely read this whole tutorial before diving in – it’s very, very important you fully comprehend each and every step. The following guide is to assist you to purchase, not to sell items. Vending is a wholly other animal ... Read More »