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Darkode: Extended Background Story

Quite recently, we have broken the story on this site, of the infamous Darkode forum, a place rife with discussion of fraudulently stolen credit card data (even as against and about which it has, in the past, been warned to avoid speaking), those wishing to sell-sword their spammy flooding services, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks – and through all ... Read More »

How To Use VPN Plus Tor To Get Double Encryption?

Guest post by privatoria.net: Tor is a great solution for people looking for on-line privacy and anonymity. Keeping all the positive sides of Tor in a mind one also has to take its vulnerabilities into account as well. Among those are incompatibility with P2P downloads and variable connection speed (it all depends on the exact Tor node you connect to ... Read More »

Doxxing or informing; the DNM Drug Dealer’s only Coercive Tool

Even having the capacity to go about doxxing one’s clients is, as I discussed in my most recent article, a gross breach of the rules by which DNMs live – if the clients can’t trust that the vendor will delete their data, they’re going to be disinclined to use markets at all. It was a rule strongly established in the ... Read More »

What’s with Australians and DNMs?

As a few of my sporadic Tweets (@akahoffmannjd) may indicate, I make no secret that I have ties to Australia. In fact, I’ve seen quite a few changes to the Australian drug landscape over the years. I was there in the 90s when the South Australian government’s approach to decriminalizing cannabis saw Adelaide become the epicenter of clandestine grow houses, ... Read More »

MXE: The Wonder Drug

The term “wonder drug”‘s definition is; “a drug, usually recently discovered or developed, noted for its startling curative effect, as an antibiotic or sulfa drug”. This definition usually would lead one to think that the World Health Organisation’s Essential Drug List would be made up solely of wonder drugs. This is, however, invariably wrong. Some of them may be classified ... Read More »

How Slur.io Sees the Future of Whistleblowing?

This article represent the author’s personal views. One of the attractive qualities of Tor hidden services is the relatively non-capitalistic nature of its domain name system and end-to-end encryption. If you want to set up a secure website on the surface web, you have to buy a domain name and an SSL certificate. Tor hidden service addresses, however, are themselves ... Read More »

Free Speech 101: Creating a WordPress Blog in Whonix

With this guide, I hope to enable anyone with access to a computer to set up their own place to speak freely on the internet. The ability to publish anonymously is sadly becoming an increasingly important one – the Guardian, for example, was pressured by the UK government into not revealing certain details from the Snowden documents; the persecution of ... Read More »

LE – Whose Who In Investigating SR1?

Whaddya know… a couple of days after his co-accused and former Baltimore “Marco Polo” taskforce colleague Shaun Bridges copped a plea for their abhorrent joint enterprise,  the main man of the scheme, Carl Mark Force IV has also copped a plea. As we’re all aware by now, the dirty deeds of these two basically destroyed some major investigative work completed ... Read More »

TheCthulhu: Shoddy “Dark Web” Journalism

Originally posted by @TheCthulhu (Thomas White) on his blog – Since this topic is close to me (and also mentioned it earlier today), i asked his permission to repost it here to give it more visibility, and was happy to get it. So here it is: As outlets have a history of removing content where they make some mistakes, I ... Read More »

Secret Service agent cops plea on SR1 theft

Take this in for a second, and it sounds even more insane than a particularly bad pulp novel; a serving Secret Service agent (you know, the guys whose job it is to protect the President) establishes a front company with an improbable sounding name, and an investment banking account to help launder ill gotten cash he stole from a criminal. ... Read More »

PGP Tutorial For Newbs Gpg4usb

To wrap up the last of the PGP guides we’ll be covering gpg4usb. Gpg4usb is a PGP tool that can be ran off of a USB drive and works on both Windows and GNU/Linux, with OS X support planned. It features a very intuitive user interface, portability so it can be used on multiple devices, and is of course open ... Read More »

The Scurvy Crew: Its Been An Amazing Ride

Written by ACE from TheScurvyCrew and published to his request, one of the oldest Dark net markets vendors since Silk Road 1 days, Here is a Vice article published about them last year that can give some background, and some background about the doxxing incident. Its Been An Amazing Ride: You may not know us, but we are a large ... Read More »

Guide: Anonymity and Privacy for Advanced Linux Users

All Credits go to beac0n, thanks for contacting us and contributing the guide you created! As people requested – here is a link to download this guide as a PDF. Intro The goal is to bring together enough information in one document for a beginner to get started. Visiting countless sites, and combing the internet for information can make it ... Read More »

Monitoring Of Bitcoin Customs seizures

Looking through the public notice of Customs seizures, there is something rather strange: Scroll to page 565- there is a seizure for a number of gold tokens marked “Bitcoin”. All circumstances seem to support that these coins were most likely novelty coins. Just search Google for “novelty gold bitcoin”, many items come up, supplied mainly from China. In all probability ... Read More »

Controlled Chemical Delivery – A Case Study

As has been covered in previous articles, policing involves resource distribution. At the end of the day, all mid level to higher level investigations are not interested in the supply chain and logistics management of the multiple tiers on dealing which happen. The operational objectives of a mid to higher level operation being run by professional investigators is the suppression ... Read More »