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Fundamental security flaws in USB

USB or Universal Serial Bus was not designed with security in mind. Windows, Linux and OS X basically trust anything plugged in USB port. If a hacker has a very short, but private session with your laptop, this attack vector becomes very feasible. Before actual security threats, let’s analyze how USB works in general. Every USB device has a controller ... Read More »

Brave: Changing the Online Advertisement Industry

The world of online advertisement is a messy one. Between fraudulent and intrusive ads, ad blockers, adblocker-blockers, etc., it’s pretty hard to understand what exactly is going on, or what needs fixing. One thing has always been clear though, that the end user is getting the worst part of it all. Often times, users are either forced to deal with ... Read More »

What’s the Future of Ethereum?

As of June 5, Ethereum traded higher than Bitcoin on the market and looks set for more gains. Ether, the Ethereum token, catapulted from $8.24 January 1 to $203.30 a month ago, a 2,367 percent gain. Since then Ethereum ratcheted a mighty $212 in late May, and surged to $250.41 two days ago, with a slight drop to $246.62, Monday ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Manipulation – Now and Then!

Since its advent in 2009, bitcoin has attracted the support of technology enthusiasts who were appealed to the technical side of bitcoin as a medium of exchange, as well as libertarians and crypto-anarchists who were interested in the decentralized nature of bitcoin that is not controlled by any government or any other form of central authority. On the other side ... Read More »

Lelantos – The First Blockchain Based Anonymous Package Delivery System

Shopping in the real world gives one the chance to maintain their privacy, by using cash; thus, revealing no personal data such as one’s name, address…etc. Oppositely, shopping online mandates providing all sorts of private data for billing and/or shipping purposes. Even though cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, have provided a revolutionary private billing solution, via enabling pseudonymous transactions, anonymous shipping ... Read More »

Setting Up Your Own VPN

A VPN is a virtual private network. It is virtual because one creates a virtual tunnel between your computer and a server to exchange data. It is private because it is supposed to require a username and a password to be accessed and it is a network because it links more devices to one or more servers all over different ... Read More »

Commodity Aesthetics of Privacy Across Darknets

When distributed subjectivity is considered, consumption is an essential factor that determines our relationships to various innovations. Darknet users are prominently participating in the process of redesigning the consumption field, as is the world wide web which harbors various forms of darknets. A recently published paper claimed that darknet users represent examples of not only the de-massification of various internet ... Read More »

An Overview of Peer-to-peer (P2P) Botnets

A botnet is a network of machines that are infected and controlled by a malicious attacker. Botnets are by far the most serious security threat across the internet today. Even though most botnets rely on a central command and control (C&C) server, peer-to-peer (P2P) botnets have recently emerged as more dangerous forms of botnets. P2P botnets are more resistant to ... Read More »

Bitcoin and an Imminent Fork – The Aftermaths

Since late 2015, the bitcoin community was stormed by the scalability, or block size, debate. Although several solutions have been proposed during the past couple of years, none has received wide acceptance, while bitcoin’s scalability problem is getting worse each and every day. Right now, the bitcoin community is divided into two camps; a. The camp supporting Bitcoin Core: This ... Read More »

Bitcoin Brain Wallets : Hackers’ Heaven!

Since its launch in 2009, Bitcoin has by far been the most successful cryptocurrency, attracting a considerable magnitude of research during the past few years. Just like every other cryptocurrency, authorization of transfer of bitcoins from an account to the other relies on ECDSA digital signatures. The rising popularity of bitcoin, especially among non-tech savvy individuals and populations who have ... Read More »

Tutorial – How To Code and Execute Smart Contracts On Ethereum’s Blockchain

A smart contract represents an account holding object that runs on ethereum’s blockchain. It includes code functions and can interact with other smart contracts, record data, make decisions and send ether transactions to others. A smart contract is defined by its creator, yet its execution, and the services it offers, is determined by ethereum’s network. It will exist and remain ... Read More »

Utilizing the Blockchain Technology To Maximize the Security of Certificate Authorities

Throughout the past few years, many studies have experimented implementation of the blockchain technology in various aspects on internet security. A recently published study analyzed the influence of the blockchain technology on the development of services offered by various cybersecurity companies across a myriad of industries and sectors with emphasis on certificate authorities and the context of critical infrastructure. Furthermore, ... Read More »

Bitcoin, the Dark Web and India

The advent of the internet has made the dreams of many people possible with a few clicks and keystrokes, especially in poorer parts of the world. The internet and digital currencies have opened the door for hundreds of thousands of Indian freelance developers, writers, graphic designers, etc., to make money online throughout the last decade. The emergence of bitcoin created ... Read More »

Can the blockchain technology disrupt the online gaming sector?

Apart from what one might think, the link between online gaming and cryptocurrency, particularly bitcoin, has existed since the early days, when bitcoin was worth no more than $10. I remember in 2012, buying bitcoin via Linden Dollars (L$), which was a virtual currency of an online MMORPG, or a virtual world as described by its creators, known as “Second ... Read More »