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The Silk Road Saga: Who is “The Employee”? – Part II

While the first Silk Road was still in operation, its illicit dealings brought about more crime than just the sale of drugs.  In fact, on one occasion, the leader of Silk Road, Dread Pirate Roberts, paid for the torturing and assassination of one of their own –“The Employee”.  In the first part of this series, the usernames of this individual ... Read More »

Now Its Official: Curtis Clark Green Is Flush / ChronicPain

As we have mentioned before in the Silk Road Tales and Archives and later expanded in our post The Silk Road Saga: Who is “The Employee”? – Part I ,  Now its official – that the Employee from the Maryland indictment is in fact , Curtis Clark Green who was and admin on the silk road site, as it was ... Read More »

Homeland Security: Statement On The Launch Of The Silk Road 2.0

Today, Senator Tom Carper (D-Del.), Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, released the following statement on the launch of the Silk Road 2.0: “This new website – launched barely a month after Federal agents shut down the original Silk Road — underscores the inescapable reality that technology is dynamic and ever-evolving and that government policy needs ... Read More »

Black Markets Warning: Serious Health Issue – Fake/Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals Being Sold!

As was posted in more than one reddit thread:  “by degenerate vendors – fake Adderall (Pink AD 30 Shire knockoff), fake percocet (Endo 10mg knockoff), fake hydrocodone (Watson 853 yellow knockoff)”   Readdit post: “Current vendor names: meandmypills, unknownseller, pepperidgefarm, Pharmington Rex, Cimicon, And any other selling the same pills. They are indeed scammers selling fake pills. They have accounts ... Read More »

The Silk Road 2.0 Rises: Defying the FBI

And so it goes, the Dread Pirate Roberts has returned As we have already reported.  Perhaps, not in the form of Ross Ulbricht who currently resides behind prison bars, but in a new mysterious character who claims to be ‘DPR’. Since Silk Road was taken down by the FBI for their illicit dealings at the end of October, much speculation ... Read More »

info from a friend of Ross found on Facebook

Today someone posted on Reddit some images from a facebook profile that belongs to a friend of Ross Ulbrich, revealing some information about the legal battle behind the scenes and promising that there is much more that we don’t know yet… i am sure it will be interesting. Thread on Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/SilkRoad/comments/1q04af/some_info_from_a_friend_of_ross_found_through/ Read More »

The Silk Road Saga: Who is “The Employee”? – Part I

The Silk Road was finally brought down by the feds after operating for almost three years.  Ross Ulbricht, known as Dread Pirate Roberts, was the kingpin of this multi-million-dollar online drug bazaar.  His recent October arrest was what ran the Silk Road’s illicit dealings aground, never to set sail again.  This story of hitmen and heroine, stings and busts, has ... Read More »

The Marketplace Beta Tester First Review

Was posted today on Themarketplace Reddit – As i said before, this is the one i find most intriguing, so we will keep following to see where its headed original post was here: http://www.reddit.com/r/themarketplace/comments/1pr382/reviewwalkthrough_of_the_marketplace_by_a_beta/ I embedded the images in post for easier reading. ====QUOTE===== Hey everyone! I was kindly granted beta access to the Marketplace to test it out, see ... Read More »

Silk Road tales and archives

I have no idea who created this,  but its one amazing work putting all the pieces together of the silk road timeline – You can bet its much better than the infographics:   In the archive you can find: You will find on this page information related to the Silk Road website and forum: Yet another timeline of Silk Road ... Read More »

Matt Cutts with a DPR costume

For those of you who know who this guy is,  Matt Cutts – the Head of Google webspam team – pretty much the person who decide about which sites you are going to meet when you search something in Google and which site will be buried forever, has chosen an interesting Halloween costume this year… Dread Pirate Roberts –  but ... Read More »

Is the Mexican Cartel After Metta-DPR ?

Right after the downfall the Project Black Flag, We could have guessed that we would see some angry customers – but it developed to what seemed like a retarded version of breaking bad as a black tar heroin dealer named “Pablo” posted on the “scam announcement thread” the following post: Asking to reveal Metta-DPR’s details, this followed by another thread ... Read More »

Project Black Flag Waves the White Flag

“Well mates, I’m saddened to say goodbye…” These were the first, last words from the founder of Project: Black Flag, MettaDPR.  Project: Black Flag, a deepweb online marketplace, was reminiscent of the drug bazaar, Silk Road.  At this time, Project: Black Flag has raised the white flag.  The new Dread Pirate Roberts has uttered, “Abandon ship.” However, in the act ... Read More »

Government Claims Crackdown On Tor: “We will catch you”

Since the seizure and demise of the deep web drug bazaar, Silk Road, federal law enforcement has made monumental claims, concerning their aims to crack down on ‘darknet’-based crime. Silk Road largely operated through a web browser, which was originally developed by US Naval Intelligence, called Tor. It is a program that conceals the identities of its users through bouncing ... Read More »