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Grams: Becoming Hub For DarkNet Info & Ads (Part 1)

Following our previous report about Grams search engine new features – We are happy to release the “2 parts” announcement about their new features, the first part here is directed at the users using the infodesk system and the second part will be for vendors & The “gramwords” (Advertising system for promoting listing on grams search results working in a ... Read More »

Long Run Profit

You might not know this, but the more successful authorities are at restricting the supply of drugs the richer drug dealers will become and the more money will get spent on drugs overall. This assertion might seem illogical but it’s actually based on two very simple economic principles called demand elasticity, and the law of supply and demand. If a ... Read More »

Silk Road Admin: We Have Repaid 82.09% Of the Stolen Funds

The latest announcement from Defcon, the silk road admin, letting the world know that following the hack that happened few months ago, and the bitcoins that were stolen in the amount of around 2.7$ million, the have now repaid 82% out of all the stolen funds, and will pay the rest in about 30 days, this is the announcement from ... Read More »

Hemp Oil: The Science Behind The Healing

Could it be possible that the ultimate cure all isn’t produced by GlaxoSmithKline or Pfizer but instead is produced naturally right here on this green earth? Hemp oil is being used all around the world to treat ailments and illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, AIDS, cancer and more. People are seeing miraculous things ... Read More »

Interview with Gopnik Tor botnet Programmer

Disclaimer: We do not support the use of such tools and the below info is for informational / technical purposes only, exactly as it was provided to us by our reporter “Chris Hansen” Tor is full of people who wish to sell things. Some things good and some things bad. Usually these things tend to be related to drugs, but ... Read More »

The current state of coin-mixing services

As we wait for emerging cryptocurrencies such as Darkcoin and the standardisation of Dark Wallet the current task of coin-mixing remains an immediate issue. As it stands Bitcoin Fog remains the gold standard of coin-mixing. However, it is important that people be made away that this is a slow process. Bitcoin Fog insist on six confirmations for deposits and will ... Read More »

How to use Tor as a Socks5 proxy

Hey everyone! First off, thanks a lot to everyone at DeepDotWeb for allowing me to make this and many more posts to come! I really hope everyone on the website finds it useful! So, on to the tutorial. Tor, as we all know, Tor is a network that uses peer-to-peer connections. These connections from one person to another are very ... Read More »

Silk Road Vendor “Nod” Pleads guilty

Steven Sadler known as The Former Silk Road Vendor “Nod” pleaded guilty for selling drugs over Silk Road with the help of his girlfriend, Jenna White. According to court documents they have sold 3,721 grams of cocaine, 1,375 grams of heroin, and 119 grams of methamphetamine. A full article covering the details of this plea was published at the DailyDot ... Read More »

Pymultisigtools v.02alpha – bip0032 Support & Windows Binary

Following the previous release by owockEznan one of the talented developers that made the TMP plugin: Now there is a new version: I have released a new version of my p2sh transaction signing utility. Now you can generate keys based on a bip0032 wallet structure, it will save your settings automatically sign any transaction that has one of those keys ... Read More »

Perspectives of Bitcoin Valuation

Starting in 2011, Bitcoin’s drastic increase in value led what tended to be an amateur group of crypto-currency enthusiasts to wade into the unchartered waters of currency speculation. An entirely new ecosystem of forums, exchanges, startups and “whales” began to emerge as new fortunes were made and anecdotes of the latest millionaire who rediscovered a two-year-old hard drive were posted ... Read More »

A Scammer’s Remorse

This article is a personal experience provided to us by “Black Ink”: Back in December I referred someone dear to me who was in search of Hemp Oil to a vendor on SR2. I had used this particular vendor before to obtain sixty grams of oil for my own treatment and the transaction went smooth and without any hiccups so ... Read More »

Hipster no more? Bitcoin making its way to the mainstream!

By: Keno13 Bask in the ambiance while you can boys and girls, as you are currently enjoying Bitcoin “before it becomes cool” according to worldwide financial experts. Bitcoin, in all of its volatile, semi-anonymous beauty is starting to become recognized beyond the world of the Dark Net – Also known as “society”. With the first Bitcoin ATM being launched in ... Read More »

The Rise of Darkcoin

Edit: Due to some error on the site i reposted this article again, losing all its social stats. sorry. The appeal of Darkcoin (DRK) to users of darknet or deepweb marketplaces is fairly obvious. It’s a currency designed with strict anonymity in mind and it may finally be the first alternative cryptocurrency to have cracked how to accomplish that. For ... Read More »

Bitcoin Exchanges Subpoenaed Over Silk Road Related Transactions

As it was published in this WSJ article: U.S. authorities have opened a new front in their investigation into bitcoin exchanges and other businesses that deal in the online currency, examining possible ties between the firms and the online drug bazaar Silk Road, according to people familiar with the matter. The new focus of the investigation is the latest indication ... Read More »