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Weekly Bitcoin Update – 31 August 2014

A recap of the week’s biggest Bitcoin stories from the perspectives of the best sources for e-currency news around the web One of the earliest users of bitcoin passed away on Aug. 28th. According to Nathaniel Popper of The New York Times, cryptographer Hal Finney, who had been afflicted with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), was taken off life support. His ... Read More »

Neutrino Wants To Be The SSL Of Crypto-Currency

The privacy of crypto-currencies has been a hot issue for the budding industry. It isn’t just libertarians and deep web dealers that are worried about crypto-currency. Crypto-currency, such as Bitcoin, provides much less anonymity than even your bank account, because of the publicly visible blockchain. While, many have been trying to solve this problem (and failing), people have overlooked a ... Read More »

Storj – Decentralized Cloud Storage

Who? Storj is a decentralised cloud storage application. It was founded by Shawn Wilkinson (Lead Developer), Jim Lowry (Lead Advisor), Tome Boshevski (Lead Designer) and Josh Brandoff (Core Developer). Why? When you upload your files onto Google Drive or DropBox or SkyDrive or similar programs, we rely on these companies with our data and we don’t have much control over ... Read More »

Cannabis Road Hacked: $100,000 (~200 Bitcoins) Gone

It been a while since we had one of these messages, but now, Cannabis Road market – the market that was established for cannabis vendors only, got hacked and is now offline until further notice.  If you will try and navigate to the market url, you will get this message:   Greetings Cannabis Road users. I am devastated to announce ... Read More »

Weekly Bitcoin Update – 24 August 2014

A recap of the week’s biggest Bitcoin stories from the perspectives of the best sources for e-currency news around the web After remaining above or around the $600 mark for the majority of the summer, bitcoin’s value has fallen below the $500 mark. Petar Kotevski of ForexNews reports that the price appears to be stuck around the $500 mark. However, ... Read More »

Ross Ulbricht Faces New Round Of Narcotics Trafficking Charges

As it was published earlier: US prosecutors have brought a trio of new charges against a Texas man accused of creating the underground online drug marketplace Silk Road ahead of his November trial. A new indictment against Ross Ulbricht, 30, filed late on Thursday in Manhattan federal court added charges of narcotics trafficking, distribution of narcotics by means of the ... Read More »

Bitcoin-Ethereum (Part 2)

First Part: Ethereum: Making the Entire World Trustless (Part 1 – Introduction) What is Ethereum? Conducting transactions through a third party means we need to assume that the third party conducts the transactions in a secure manner, however these assumptions have been proven to be false, or inconsistent, exemplified by examples such as the Mt.Gox incident. Ethereum, a “Crypto 2.0” ... Read More »

Ethereum: Making the Entire World Trustless (Part 1 – Introduction)

We all know about the radical potential that Bitcoin has to make the world’s monetary system trustless. Bitcoin is already, in itself, completely trustless. There is no central authority that governs over the issuance of Bitcoin or the regulation of its supply. It is scarce; bitcoins cannot be created out of thin air, unlike the fiat currencies we are currently ... Read More »

Weekly Bitcoin Update – 16 August 2014

A recap of the week’s biggest Bitcoin stories from the perspectives of the best sources for e-currency news around the web For the first time since May 2014, Bitcoin’s value has fallen below the $500 mark. As of 11:07PM EST on 15 August 2014, Bitcoin was valued at a price of $488.65. Pete Rizzo of CoinDesk writes that there appears ... Read More »

Research Chemicals Today

I’ve been involved in the research chemical scene for a long time now and over the years I’ve ingested many, many substances to extrapolate their effects. This is all research to figure out the Structure Activity Relationships (SAR) between different compounds. Basically what compounds hit which receptors and what happens after that. On my journey I’ve been as far as ... Read More »

Crypto Decentralization & the Physical World: Banking

The decentralization that cryptography and it’s application to online networks has brought about has been simply amazing. Using this technology, entire online communities can be formed where the participants, as long as they implement proper cyber-security, are completely anonymous, untraceable by a government or anyone who may be snooping around. These online, decentralized communities have mostly centered around the illicit ... Read More »

Weekly Bitcoin Update – 11 August 2014

A recap of the week’s biggest Bitcoin stories from the perspectives of the best sources for e-currency news around the web A Lake Tahoe property has sold for $1.6 million in Bitcoin. As Candace Jackson of the The Wall Street Journal reports, the 1.4 acre property site, located on the California side of the lake at luxury resort Martis Camp, ... Read More »

Mining Cryptocurrency With A Free Cloud Botnet, Why Not?

Is it possible to mine cryptocurrency for free? According to security researchers Rob Ragan and Oscar Salazar, undoubtedly yes. They have kindly released the tools they used to sign up and exploit cloud services offering free accounts on Github But if your interested in attempting this experiment yourself you better act quickly, the duo have also released defense software designed ... Read More »

National Cybersecurity Policy – Good or Bad?

Dan Geer, the chief information security officer for In-Q-Tel and the keynote speaker at this year’s Black Hat conference, is undoubtedly one of the smartest people in any room he walks in to. His presence at Black Hat was somewhat precarious given his position at a firm responsible for providing the C.I.A. and other U.S. intelligence agencies with information technology, ... Read More »