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Bitcoin News Roundup – 18 Jul.2015

Recapping the week’s biggest Bitcoins stories from around the web. The Digital Currency Council (DCC) favors the training and certification of professionals interested in the cryptocurrency economy. According to Inside Bitcoins, the DCC has joined forces with the Chamber of Digital Commerce aiming to educate and offer training opportunities to the members of the Chamber regarding the digital currencies as ... Read More »

DNM Recap: July 17th

The last week or two had quite some happenings, here is a short recap of the most important news from the previous week / 10 days: Lethal Weapon Listings Are Prohibited From Agora Agora Market has taken action to stop all lethal weapon listings from the marketplace. The admins have posted a PGP message to the website that every user ... Read More »

Gwern: Archives of ALL Dark Net Market Released

Another important contribution from Gwern, and this time the full archives of all Dark Net Markets – From 2011 until 2015. Links to the archives are available at: Torrent IA page Writeup on Gwern.net Please consider donating to Gwern at this address: [crayon-5a8437a3ae811602531496/] From the writeup: Dark Net Markets (DNM) are online markets typically hosted as Tor hidden services providing ... Read More »

Darkode Forum Seized by Cross-Borders Task Force

Over 60 “hackers” arrested in joint operation between FBI, NCA, Europol and other law enforcement agencies in global crackdown on cybercrime black market The “Notorious” cybercrime forum Darkode, frequented by Lizard Squad and other hacking groups, has been taken offline in a coordinated international law enforcement clampdown across 18 countries. The site has been seized by authorities, which now displays ... Read More »

This week on Bitcoin markets. . . 15th July

This week, the price of bitcoin stepped up its recent momentum, shooting up from a shallow retracement bottom at $ 262, up to a new 4 month high of $ 316. 5 months since the last time this price level was breached in a failed attempt, piercing right through $ 300 resistance level was a strong indicator of intent. Last ... Read More »

Bitcoin News Roundup – 11 Jul.2015

Recapping the week’s biggest Bitcoins stories from around the web. Following the default on the IMF loan payment and the “No” vote on austerity measures in the Greek Referendum last Sunday, the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is looking for alternative solutions in case Greece is forced out of the Eurozone. Sarah Jenn of NewsBtc reports that the Greek debt ... Read More »

Montgomery Man Convicted For Illegal Gun Sales on Darknet Markets

You can scramble your Internet association, you can exchange bitcoin, and you can shroud your character in case you’re considering offering weapons on the Darknet Markets. Be that as it may, you still may end up in cuffs on the off chance that you neglect to wipe your fingerprints off the bundle before you send the request. That is the ... Read More »

This week on Bitcoin markets. . . 8th July

After peaking at $269 last week, right after coming up against resistance coinciding with 200 exponential moving average line, price retraced to support at $252. Quite normal after sharp rises; markets usually need to consolidate, some profit taking follows and any excess supply is exhausted before resuming a move up. Which is what happened after bottoming out at $252; price ... Read More »

Bitcoin News Roundup – 5 Jul. 2015

Recapping the week’s biggest Bitcoins stories from around the web. Greeks are turning to the bitcoin as a result of the current banking crisis. According to CNN Money, there is an increasing number of Greeks are registering to online trading platforms, mainly the German Bitcoin.de, in an effort to investigate the benefits of the bitcoin compared to the euro and ... Read More »

Beware of Phishing Scams On Clearnet Sites! (darknetmarkets.org)

AVOID  – The Most recent scam list responsible for spreading phishing url to unsuspecting visitors has been located on this site: darknetmarkets.o r g/mark ets (added spaces in the url) Do not visit that site or use any of the links on that list as they are redirecting to phishing urls that will steal your market login credentials and quite ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis Jul 1

BITCOIN MARKETS, WEEK OF JUNE 23 – 30 This week, bitcoin continued its steady run up from 3 weeks ago; up from $219 to a high earlier today at $269. After encountering resistance at $259 2 weeks ago, price retraced in a consolidatory fashion, while firmly respecting support on $240. This level was to form a solid base for a ... Read More »

Bitcoin News Roundup – 28 June 2015

Recapping the week’s biggest Bitcoins stories from around the web. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) alerts consumers about the bitcoin use. As Nuno Menezes of NewsBtc writes, in a blog post released by the FTC on the FTC Consumer Information blog, consumers are warned about the risk of using the bitcoin as a legal payment method as well as other ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis 24th June

BITCOIN MARKETS THIS WEEK. . . This week, bitcoin was largely in a retracement, down to support at $240, following profit taking after the past 2 weeks of a decent run up. As a former resistance level in the past 2.5 months of restricted range bound sideways action, $240 is holding well. The range now is within an upper $247 ... Read More »

Bitcoin News Roundup – 20 June 2015

Recapping the week’s biggest Bitcoins stories from around the web. The Ross Ulbricht series is still on. In spite of its lifetime sentence, his supporters are now organizing a fundraiser towards his appeal. According to Inside Bitcoins, the Crypto Show, a crypto-anarchy podcast initiated a fundraiser to raise funds for supporting Ross Ulbricht’s appeal. The bitcoin community members are donating ... Read More »