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Mr. Bean seems to have wet himself.

Mr. Bean messes up again!

Oh no! Mr. Bean has gone and done it again… WARNING: THIS VIDEO WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH! That moment when you use the bathroom, and try washing your hands like your supposed to! Poor Mr. Bean seems like he wet himself! This is why you never uses public restrooms, if you are Mr. Bean! Read More »

This baby is having a blast tearing up the paper!

The cutest and silliest baby ever!

Some people get their rocks off watching porn or playing sports, others, go for the more inventive alternative hobbies, such as ripping paper and giggling at it :) Sometimes, it’s nice to appreciate the little things in life, like ripping paper! :) Read More »

LG TV Prank

Amazing Prank

How would you react in a situation like this? There is another elevator prank by LG which you should easily be able to find. I chanced upon an article written about the experience of someone who sat through an interview in an Earthquake. He got the job, fortunately. Well, I hope it was worth it. Read More »

This short 3D film is both funny and meaningful.

The best trippy and cool video of all time!

Ever wonder what happens in nature when we are not looking? Check out this video to find out what is really going on, right outside your window! The best video to watch with your friends for a good laugh! These amazing little creatures know how to do everything! Read More »

Funny Game Show

Japanese Game Shows

Japanese makes the weirdest game shows. It is comical how they can focus on a lesser ability like having a strong neck and still make it funny as hell. Perhaps their creative minds are why they are still one of the leading technological giants in the world. I suppose such a trait allows expansions into so many areas, with comedy ... Read More »

Brotherly Love


Men are territorial animals, and that also means certain parts of our body are off limits to the similar gender. Here’s a song elaborating the relationships between heterosexual men, what is OK and what is not. It is all high fives until the ignorant crosses the line. Perhaps they should make one for women too. Read More »

Using Google Glass

Google Glass Parody

With the Google Glass projected to launch in 2014, how do you think it will impact your life? With an incredible array of utilities at your disposal, it will not be surprising if this new technology becomes an essential gadget in the future. The functions can potentially be a curse to itself though, watch the parody of how things can ... Read More »

When friends come together :)

Ever have one of those day where at one moment you are an ant almost getting ate by an anteater and a little teamwork saves your but, then the next moment you are a crab and you have to form an I-crab-Iron-man shield to protect against seagull attacks? Then this video is for you! Read More »

Superheroes fight

Batman VS Captain America

Is it just me or is Captain America a wee bit too skinny? Well, one would assume someone who fought battle and won wars should have accumulated some body mass. Anyway, cool video of how combat might be like if the dark knight and Captain America decided they are not friends. Read More »

Buying Guns and Drugs on the Deep Web (Vice Documentary)

Well, ANOTHER vice documentary about buying guns and drugs on the deep web, an interview with a weapon dealer (probably from black market reloaded) and some talking about privacy issues and TOR – nothing we have never heard before, but you know, as long as these subjects are getting the rating we will keep seeing these documentaries popping up, but ... Read More »

Public Weed Prank

People tend to pick up almost anything thrown on the streets. Wallets, bags, money and items of clothing are common stuff that get dropped on streets by people. There’s always someone who will give these items back and someone who will take them for themselves. But how do people react when they see a bag of weed dropped on the street. Read More »