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Hidden Marketplace list Changelog

This is a new changelog we have created so you could keep up with our ever changing list of hidden marketplaces (The list can be found here):


  • 26.8.17 – Updated Mjestic Garden url
  • 16.8.17 – Tochka market added to Top markets
  • 14.8.17 – Listed IDC back, appears he was down due to DDoS from other markets
  • 14.8.17 – Removed House of Lions, down from unknown reason
  • 8.8.17 – Zion market removed from invite markets
  • 8.8.17 – TradeRoute promoted to Top markets
  • 8.8.17 – Valhalla market Removed until/If they fix their deposits & withdarawls.
  • 7.8.17 – Added Berlusconi market
  • 7.8.17 – Updated Wall St market for Monero Support
  • 7.8.17 – List cleanup – Went down after several related Raids last month:  IDC
  • 7.8.17 – List cleanup – Removed after hacked and IP exposed, market went down shortly after: Darknet Heroes League
  • 7.8.17 – List cleanup – removed after being down from unknown reason:  BlackDeal, RAMP, DeepStatus, Soulkush, MaghrebHashish, Mollyworld, Infinite Market, Apple Market
  • 24.7.17 – Removed Pekarmarket, requested by the market admin
  • 22.7.17 – Removed SR3.1 , exit scammed, claimed hacked
  • 21.7.17 – Removed hansa, seized
  • 19.7.17 – Listed Valhalla again, fixed their issues
  • 19.7.17 – Removed Alphabay , Down, either exit scammed or seized
  • 11.7.17 – RSClub moved to invite markets
  • 9.7.17 – Removed Goodoos vendor shop
  • 9.7.17  – Removed Placemarket
  • 8.7.17 – Moved Zion market to invite markets
  • 3.7.17 – Removed Valhalla market – Deposits / withdrawals broken – no communication from admin.
  • 2.7.17 – Added DutchDrugz vendor shop
  • 2.7.17 – Listed the HUB forum again, restored from some old backup
  • 2.7.17 – Rebranded Leboncoin as BlackDeal
  • 21.6.17 – Listed Valhalla again, Deposits / withdrawals tested as working again
  • 19.6.17 – Removed Omega markets, hacked.
  • 19.6.17 – Removed Valhalla market – Deposits / withdrawals broken – no communication from admin.
  • 19.6.17 – Wall St. Market moved to invite markets
  • 19.6.17 – List cleanup, removed: Acropolis, Minerva, The Open Road, Megapack, DarkMarket, MeGrimlock, Cosmicbites
  • 12.6.17 – Added Omega Market
  • 31.5.17 – Sanctuary market hacked and moved to dead markets
  • 29.5.17 – Updated Sactuary market forum url & logo
  • 28.5.17 – Added Sacntuary market
  • 28.5.17 – Added Pyramind market
  • 17.5.17 – Removed Outlaw market, probably exit scammed
  • 24.4.17 – Added Placemarket
  • 24.4.17 – Added CGMC market
  • 24.4.17 – Added deepstatus vendor shop
  • 18.4.17 – Added Leboncoin french market
  • 18.4.17 – Added QualityKing vendor shop
  • 18.4.17 – Added Infinite market to the markets list
  • 14.4.17 – Added Silk Road 3.1 forum url.
  • 14.4.17 – Change Silk Road 3 to Silk Road 3.1 and updated to new url
  • 29.3.17 – Removed Bloomsfield, down from unknown reason
  • 29.3.17 – Removed Cryptomarket, down from unknown reason
  • 29.3.17 – Removed Russian Silk Road, Down, Said to have been purchased by HYDRA Russian market.
  • 29.3.17 – Removed The HUB – Dead.
  • 29.3.17 – Added the non-english markets listing to the actual market list
  • 29.3.17 – Added Italian Deep Web
  • 14.3.17 – Added MUSHBUD vendor shop
  • 28.2.17  – Listed OnionLand forum
  • 28.2.17 – Added The Open Road market
  • 28.2.17 – Horizon market moved to dead markets
  • 19.2.17 – Edited wall street markets description
  • 18.2.17 – Added Apple market buyer tutorial
  • 30.1.17 – Added Zion market buyer tutorial
  • 25.1.17 – Added Wall St. market tutorial
  • 14.1.17 – Added Valhalla market tutorial
  • 11.1.17 – Update Outlaw market profile

For previous changes prior to 2017 check out the changelog Archive here


  1. Why is SR2 showing as a dead/scam site when it has now reopened?

  2. Update from Middle Earth Marketplace!!!

    It’s going well everyone!
    I’ve had some great responses from you all about the site. Thank you!
    About the captcha – Some of you seem to be having a hard time with this captcha. It’s very secure and much easier once you have done it a few times. Stick with it. Security is worth it.

    So far we have 200+ customer accounts and 23 vendor accounts. Come on vendors!!! :) PLEASE put your listings up if you already have your vendor account!!! I’m still offering free vendor accounts to those of you whose vendor name I know. My offer will not last forever though guys!

    I will update you all on the progress of Middle Earth marketplace as time goes.

    Come visit us – you might just like it!

    Best wishes everybody,

  3. tom marketplace is scam or phishing site was hacked on SR 15 min after signing up with your links lost .24 of bitcoin because of it

  4. Need Apple software that is used by their Authorized Repair Techs that allows them to create a flash drive with a hashed code that removes their EFI passwords off macbooks. Some assistance please.

  5. and why exactly you removed anarchia without an reason while scam markets like haven are listed here? joke or what?

    Anarchia has reputational german sellers and you removed without anouncment or reason?

    strange site, would beware here

  6. yea really strange why they removed anarchia without any comment its a good market i think deepdotweb admins got paid for that.

    • DeepDotWeb

      If you must know, Its Because anarchia posed a serious security risk to its buyers. If you don’t know why, than you should not be running a DNM.

  7. Where did confirmed anarchia Admin posted it?

    Cause You removed it without any Note or link to the Source Thats a Little Bit Strange i ordered there and it was all Fine


    Hash: SHA512

    We are very happy to announce the opening of our vendor site.
    It is not so much a shop, but a hub with information of our services.

    URL: http://TheVaultwlxd7lrg.onion.top/

    The Site will contain updates on our products and services and is the best
    and most up to date place for announcements from our team.

    We offer a 25% discount to direct orders via email. if you have used us
    and are comfortable with FE consider dealing direct for extra savings.

    Direct orders get the choice of 25% extra product, or 25% off.

    We thank you for your interest in our products and store.

    Comment: GPGTools – https://gpgtools.org


  9. Silk road is good eu vendors a lot and in the near future even runs pretty well

    • Jeasse

      silkroad is good BUT
      although I myself have made the wrong choices and customs stopped me ordering from abroad and all this caused the idiot who was the Spanish customs investigation anfetamin shops burned the Finnish market as vendor and multi-Finnish missed the customs investigation and on the right I also

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