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4.20 (5 reviews)
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MultiSig Market, supports BTC & XMR.

The market is 10/10 hand down
  • icecoldpenguin reviewed 1 day ago
  • last edited 1 day ago

So been here around a weeks or so now and really have to say i am loving the vibe with everything that has gone on the fall of AB, Hansa and the exit from TR all brutal hits to the DNM community i think Olympus is going the be the new no1 that is going to bring everybody back together again like the good old AB days the Admins and Mods here are very very friendly not rude reply in a timely manner and still are although growing rapidly since the exposure on DDW and The Superlist its brilliant i have found 3 vendors that have great bud and really good stealth all orders went though swimmingly no missing coins or “Password login disabled” “Bloody Dream” let’s hope this all isn’t to good to be true and Olympus becomes the next AlphaBay or bigger. Hats of to everything the Admins have done so far.

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I like the payment they give

i actullay got 50$ form them for puting a review, its nice unlike other market that not give mony to buyers!!

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market is not safe!!
  • john doe reviewed 1 week ago
  • last edited 1 week ago

Market is run by same admins of aero. Dont trsut this market. They will be posting fake reviews on deepdotweb at daily basis. My suggestion will be to avoid it at all costs.

it alredy look like the market is up to some shits!

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great market
  • Peter-Luschtig reviewed 1 week ago
  • last edited 1 week ago

is by far one of the best markets. hope that stays that way. the market is doing a good job

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  • EYDIRECT reviewed 1 week ago
  • last edited 1 week ago

I used him in dream now officialy on olympus, great vendor good market!

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