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Silk Road 3

Looking for Silk Road 3 URL?  >> Click Here <<


Its also for those of you looking for:

Silk road 3 drugs

Silk Road 3.0 reddit

Silk Road Reloaded

Or reloadedudjtjvxr.onion.top


Everything you need to know about sites using the Silk Road brand can be found in this link




  1. Need a bit of help

  2. me too.. i cannot access any marketplace whatsoever!! using vpn & tor browser on home laptop.. connection is fine… tried bridging, downloading tor again but with no joy! any help very welcome!!

  3. this is lie

  4. if its a lie then i dont want to waste my time i dont have a lot of it and i want to use it wisely.. i am looking for it for my own reasons and i do not intend to share them

  5. Need help getting on

  6. Dread Pirate Roberts

    Don’t believe them.

  7. Use tor, works as good as ever. Don’t ever not use escro until you trust a vendor, escro works great but make sure to disable auto release. Have fun

  8. I need help accessing it i was able to get on last night with a couple issues with the captcha but when i tried this morning i can’t even get past the first captcha to even enter my in details any ideas? I have tried putting the captcha in a different tab and all it does it change the picture

  9. The captcha keeps say invalid I have tried a hundred times. Ive gotten into the site before and is extremely important I do now.

  10. Can’t pass the first captcha either. General trouble?

  11. Relieved to see this thread and know it’s not just me. Haven’t been able to get past first captcha for days. Urgently need to in order to release payment.

  12. again sites down…i have tried several times today…

  13. comment entrer sur votre site

  14. Where can I find some official info? Is there anyplace?

  15. Is the site fully down as can’t connect for 3 days now kinda worrying :/

  16. “On February 3rd, 47-year old Kevin Campbell of Chicago pleaded guilty in a U.S. District Court in Seattle to charges for peddling illicit drugs on Silkroad, including heroin and prescription medications that led to the death of a 27-year old man living in Bellevue.”
    I think the site will have been shutdown by the people running it, as a precaution because I’m sure the cops will be trying to get into it and shut it down. But the police can shut it down if the owner has already done so.

  17. I’m gonna miss Silk Road…
    ..oh well; Alphabay it is – although, Dream Market & Hansa Market seem safe/legit too, so its not like we’re loosing what Silk Road started (anti-prohibition).
    End the Drug War.

  18. Dream Market & Hansa Market ??


    • Ma Dukes

      Since leaving ALphabay those are the two I used,and continueto you. Just be sure that you check vendor rating and reviews. My dude tends to run a little cheaper on Vahalla. Explore a few of the before you commit to shit. DreamMarket is working well for me. Good luck!

  20. Silk Road is down? I can not access the site.

  21. Is it coming back!!!??? It has been down for a while

  22. hello everybody, someone say if silkroad is on ?

  23. Alpha Bay is now down, along with Silk Road V.3

    Is anyone aware of any other good marketplaces to shop for things other than drugs, such as weponry, and carding??


  24. I want to order weed,can anyone help me out?? New to tor.

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