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Valhalla Market Compromised: Finnish Customs Allegedly Identified Hundreds of Valhalla Users

According to a press release issued by Finnish Customs on August 17, a Customs investigation had “exposed” a large-scale drug trafficking network. The network—or in this case, drug trafficking organization—operated from within Finland. From there, they distributed their products to buyers both in Finland and across the globe. Central to the operation was the darknet marketplace known as “Valhalla” or ... Read More »


Georgia FBI Allegedly Identified an Alphabay Staff Member

  The U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Northern District of Georgia issued their own press release about the Alphabay takedown. On Twitter, one of the state’s many official Twitter accounts tweeted they were proud of Georgia law enforcement’s role in the takedown. The press release’s subtitle, “Two Matters Prosecuted Locally in Atlanta Have Connections to Historic Takedown of Criminal Marketplace,” ... Read More »

Several French DarkWeb Sites Hacked, Allegedly.

According to a report translated from Zataz.com magazine (Thanks to @Schmittounet for the translation!): If you don’t want your databases to be leaked, release publicly who is the moleskin at your place. With these few lines, an anonymous darkweb hacker announced that he has his hand on several databases of french darkweb sites. Friends from FDW, I have ALL databases ... Read More »