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Bitcoin Price Analysis 11th October 2016

Bitcoin Price Analysis 11 October 2016 In the past 2 weeks the Bitcoin price displayed resilience by rising up gradually from $595 on September 28 to $615 on Bitstamp as of writing this. The series of higher highs and higher lows is a convincing start to the $800 + price target traders project. Experts all seem to agree price is ... Read More »

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Bitcoin Price Analysis 28 September 2016

This week the mood around Bitcoin was frenetic and bullish, with great news coming out from fundamentals and price technicals. A Bitcoin report bumped up its Bitcoin price valuation to $850 citing improved fundamentals. Public blockchains also got a boost at the Global Blockchain Summit in Shanghai despite the massive proliferation of private distributed ledger consortiums. Bitcoin is back! Much ... Read More »

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Bitcoin Price Analysis 20 September 2016

This week, the price of bitcoin was on a hungover from the $40 surprise sell off from last week, 11 September. Price retraced from the low $594 bottom, and traded sideways within the $595 – $610 range. Bitcoin did not make the headlines this week, as much of the news comprised alternative blockchains. The dominant trend as seen above has ... Read More »

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Bitcoin Price Analysis August 30

This week, the price of Bitcoin continued its sideways trading within the $20 range that has been active since August 6th. Bitcoinmarkets exhibited weakness overall, leading to a failed attempt at $585 to last week’s expected break of $600. This month’s price action resembles the pattern from the beginning of June to the end of July 2016, right before price ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis August 23

This week the price of bitcoin was fairly stable, mostly trading in a sideways $ 20 range. Despite a low dip to $552, bitcoin quickly retraced back up. Buying intent seems subdued, as it seems most money is on the sidelines waiting for a clear signal. Perhaps the most exciting bit of fundamental news this week was the release of ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis 15th August 2016

The price of Bitcoin this week was stable, showing little change from last week’s price levels. Despite multiple attempts at breaching $600, this level proved resilient and forced price back down. News headlines however, were positive, with better news of adoption from the World Economic Forum and UK’s Gambling Commission. This week has been part of a consolidation from August’s ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis 8 August 2016

The price of bitcoin took a massive hit after news of the BitFinex Hack came out. 120,000 Bitcoins stolen is the second largest collapse of a mainstream exchange after Mt. Gox back in early 2014. Just like in 2014, the market sold off, 25% this time, to an unprecedented $465 low. In fact, there is reason to suspect the hackers ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis 1.8.16

This week, the price of bitcoin sold off in a series of steps from a $684 peak on July 18 down to a series of lower lows. Price traded sideways for much of the week before July 30ths $657 high was tipped. A massive  sell off followed on July 31 and August 1st, bringing down price to a shocking $614 ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis – June 9th

Bitcoin Strongest Performing Currency in 2016 Bitcoin edged up to $595 on Bitstamp, a 21 month high just shy of $600 resistance. Bitcoin now leads the list of best performing currencies in 2016 versus the US dollar at +27%, above XAU gold ( +17.91%) and the Brazilian Real ( + 15.18%). Overall, it was a great week for bitcoin, with ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis – May 31

China Pumps Bitcoin to 21 month high at $580 This week was exciting to watch the price of bitcoin break out sharply on May 27 Thursday night. Price blew the cap off the 3000 Yuan price, a 6 month resistance level. Momentum was driven by Chinese volumes, leaving Western exchanges with no option but to follow the trend. For a ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis 12th May 2016

This week, the price of bitcoin pushed up to reclaim lost highs at $466 from 2 weeks ago, despite a hoax unmasking of Bitcoin’s mysterious creator. Perhaps a systemic risk, as Satoshi’s coins represent 7% of available scarce supply. Now, the headlines and traders are bullish. As of writing this, price sits at $453. As seen above on the 6 ... Read More »

Bitcoin Weekly Price Analysis 26 April 2016

This week, the price of bitcoin was immensely bullish, stirring up trader sentiment on expectations of another bubble, just in time for the halving. Price trend curved upwards, advancing +7.5% from last week’s high at $438 to a 6 month high at $471. Markets have not been this excited since October 2015, when price turned exponentially bullish. On last week’s ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis 20th April 2016

Bitcoin price analysis for the week ending 20th April 2016 was bullish, as price broke levels and made new highs. The price of bitcoin stirred up bullish sentiments, reviving hopes of a continued trend from September 2015. Over the month of March price has been trading within a range, marked by $423 on the upper and $403 on the lower ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis – April 13th. 2016

This week the price of bitcoin was dreary, not moving much from the past month and a half of sideways  range bound trading. Price moved up to $424 on Bitstamp where resistance pushed back on it, forcing a sell off to a low $411. Consistent with the trend since March 5th, $411 held as a higher low. It formed a ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis – April 7th. 2016

This week, the price of bitcoin retraced down to a low $407, after failing to break out from under the $422 resistance line. $427, was a spike high that pierced up above $420 level, but, was quickly followed by a sell off. What followed was a retest of low $400s bottom thrice, at $407, $408 and $409 – a triple ... Read More »