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How Hackers Avoid Honeypots

  Honeypots are networks, servers or web applications purposely built to appear vulnerable, thus showing obsolete operating systems and software, open services and ports, in order to attract malign visitors and induce them to try exploiting the system. While in a preceding tutorial I explained how to build your own honeypot, here I will explain how hackers try to avoid ... Read More »

Harpooning the StingRay: How to Detect and Avoid IMSI Catchers that Spy on Cellular Phones and Internet

Across the world law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies, and militaries are deploying technology known as IMSI catchers. This technology enables government to conduct mass surveillance of cellular phone and internet activity, intercepting both metadata and content. These cell site simulators also provide the ability to track the location of all mobile devices in the area, and the ability to hack ... Read More »