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Freedom Hosting Admin Still Losing Extradition Battle

Eric Eoin Marques, the alleged owner and operator of the defunct hidden service host “Freedom Hosting,” recently launched a judicial review in an attempt to end the impending extradition to the United States. Ireland arrested the 32-year-old in 2013 after receiving a provisional extradition request from the US. Since the arrest, Marques appealed the case several times, but employed a ... Read More »

Battle of the Secure Smartphones

Dark web users just love having their smartphone communications spied on, right? (Detect any sarcasm there?) While no internet-connected device is 100% secure, some definitely are more armored than others.  In the smartphone arena, several phones consistently rank among the best. To which ones might I be referring? The Kali Linux NetHunter 3.0, Copperhead OS, and Blackphone 2 are a ... Read More »

L2TP vs OpenVPN. The Ultimate Battle

Over the last couple of years, a great number of VPN users have started using OpenVPN. You can find a lot of positive feedback online about this VPN protocol and why it’s superior to any other VPN implementation. But what is the force behind OpenVPN and do you really need to switch over from your standard L2TP/Ipsec option? In this ... Read More »