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19 Year Old On Trial For Darknet Video Related to Knife Murder

A nineteen-year-old boy who murdered two people with a knife appeared in court last week. Marcel Hesse lured a nine-year-old boy identified as Jaden to his basement and stabbed him 52 times in March 2017. He then uploaded a video of himself on the Darknet boasting of the murder. He also shared the video on WhatsApp saying that: “I know ... Read More »

15 Year Old School Boy Arrested For Darknet Drug Trafficking

The UK is the center of the world leading Darknet drug purchases among teens. A 15-year-old schoolboy has been arrested by authorities for buying illicit drugs from the Darknet. According to reports, the teen was able to purchase the drug from the Darknet after he and some friends contributed money to raise an amount enough to buy acid from the ... Read More »


14-year-old Boy Arrested in Japan for Creating Ransomware Virus

A 14-year-old boy was detained in Japan for creating a ransomware program, which asks for a ransom payment to access the infected computer. According to sources in The Japan Times , the teenager is a third-year high school student in Takatsuki city, located in Osaka. The teenager was arrested on Monday this week for combining various free encryption programs to create specialized malware to make ... Read More »

13-Year-Old Auburn Boy Investigated In Threats Against His Classmates

A (not identified) 13-year-old boy, from Auburn Middle School, is accused of threatening his fellow classmates by shooting them and ”slitting their throats”. According to official court documents, the local police is investigating the 13-year-old’s statements, in which he said that he used the dark web to buy guns and stolen credit card info to carry out a violent plot. ... Read More »